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PolyHero Dice - Wizard Dice

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Got mine today. They look really good. A couple minor mold lines, but nothing that disfigures the dice. They seem to roll well. The marbling is good on all our sets (lapis, purple, and green). 


If we have the money, we'll probably pledge for the thief sets.

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11 hours ago, Tripleh5133 said:

How long did it take to get there?

I got the tracking email on the 22nd, so 6 days. Which isn't bad, given that it's DHL and the holidays. 


Note about the greenflame: the glow in the dark seems to take pretty direct exposure to light to work. I had to hold them right under an exposed light bulb for them to glow. But when they did glow they glowed really nicely.

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Is there anyone still waiting on their rewards to be delivered or is this thread ready to be closed?

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Finally! ::D:


Received my dice sets today and they all look good. I'm quite happy with them.


Since it looks like I'm the last here to receive the dice, I'm closing down the thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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