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Tiik baron 77212 gold fish from hell

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That's what you get from flushing a goldfish into chemically contaminated waters...


Very nice!

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my wife said about the same thing. I am trying to talk myself out of cutting the lure/probe off of his head. seems like a bad thing to have if you get into a fight with someone waving a sword around.

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He does look vivid and mutated.


It feels like opinion is divided fifty-fifty about that lure thingie on his head.  I think it's a good thing that he is Bones and it is easy to remove -- and I think a fish-man with a lure is better than without because it is harder to add one than to cut one off.

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      When you want fish men on the table you can never have too many of them. Here are two more tiik warriors, with spawn in tow, and a champion. I painted the champion in predator fish colors, dark blue and grey, kind of shark like. He is on a Bag of Crap base with a ruined stela.  The warriors are on swamp terrain bases that I built. 

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      Now that the Marid and Hippocampus chariot is finished, it's time to move on to the next project: the Tiik! I picked up five of them (one is a baron) and would like to paint them in exotic color schemes. Here are a few that I have found:

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      This started when I found fishmen bodies in the trade-in bin at Reapercon.  Thanks to everyone who helped me search for hours for the arms. I completely forgot that they had detached tails as well and ended up sculpting some very poor imitations when I got home.  Went through the bits box and gave the two big guys some added weapons, one has a sword, the other a magic staff topped with a chunk of coral. Dug out some Bones from one of the KS to add to the mix. 
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      He comes with a little goblin too, although I didn't paint Murgmo yet.



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        I had an oscar fish once. It would jump out of the water and bite your keys.

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