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Here is the Kingsman Nemesis:


And here is the Messenger of Humanity.  The role of this mini in the game is a little odd.  He was part of a set of scenarios that Adam Poots decided weren't working after a beta run.  During the 1.5 Kickstarter, one of the promises made is that new rules will be made for all of the messengers.

Until then, he's being used to represent a survivor.


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As always at a loss for words...


..many jaws succumbed to the pull of gravity that day.. 

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There's no doubt that the Phoenix is the great centerpiece of the core Kingdom Death board game.  It is a massive, twisted and brilliantly detailed mini.

For my own set, I've decided to follow Super Dungeon Explore logic- as the creatures get larger, they also become less chibi.  This follows the way that old videogames would work (good examples are Final Fantasy or Pokemon- proportions become less chibi as the characters get larger).

Also, the mini already has a massive head in comparison to its body.  Ultimately, I decided to simply change the face instead of rearranging the whole thing.


Inside you can see how the human face inside the mouth has been replaced with a chibi face.  More subtly, the other eyes on the phoenix have been re-scupted to be a little larger.


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Wonderful Paintjob!

Creepy mini!

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That is a WONDERFULLY disturbing, BEAUTIFULLY painted creations. As always, VERY WELL DONE!

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Wow, that's some great color gradient you painted on the Phoenix. All these colors mixing together are a real treat to look at.

I also really like the nmm on you Kingsman Nemesis.

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      One my Patrons chose, and now they get to win.

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