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Super Kingdom Death Explore!- (Update Gorm)

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Here is the Kingsman Nemesis:


And here is the Messenger of Humanity.  The role of this mini in the game is a little odd.  He was part of a set of scenarios that Adam Poots decided weren't working after a beta run.  During the 1.5 Kickstarter, one of the promises made is that new rules will be made for all of the messengers.

Until then, he's being used to represent a survivor.


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There's no doubt that the Phoenix is the great centerpiece of the core Kingdom Death board game.  It is a massive, twisted and brilliantly detailed mini.

For my own set, I've decided to follow Super Dungeon Explore logic- as the creatures get larger, they also become less chibi.  This follows the way that old videogames would work (good examples are Final Fantasy or Pokemon- proportions become less chibi as the characters get larger).

Also, the mini already has a massive head in comparison to its body.  Ultimately, I decided to simply change the face instead of rearranging the whole thing.


Inside you can see how the human face inside the mouth has been replaced with a chibi face.  More subtly, the other eyes on the phoenix have been re-scupted to be a little larger.


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That is a WONDERFULLY disturbing, BEAUTIFULLY painted creation. As always, VERY WELL DONE!

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Wow, that's some great color gradient you painted on the Phoenix. All these colors mixing together are a real treat to look at.

I also really like the nmm on you Kingsman Nemesis.

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This is my ‘conversion’ of Kingdom Death’s monster “the Hand” in chibi form.




I put those quotation marks there because I'm not sure at what point I'm crossing a line between conversion and original sculpt.  I started out with a Tanchyo Yajiri:


I cut and reposed the legs, hollowed out the head to sculpt the brain and crown, and sculpted the helmet over the remains of the head.  I was planning to use those ears for the crown, but it didn't work out, so they got removed completely.

I also removed his arms and resculpted them completely.  I sculpted the cape, and added the sword from another Kingdom Death mini.

I was planning on keeping the breastplate, but in the end I cut it out and re-sculpted the whole thing.

In the end, only a small portion of his pants and belt came from the original mini.  I basically just had an elaborate armature underneath there.

I entered him into Reapercon's Open competition, and he got a gold medal.

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This is my favourite picture of them all:




Storytelling at its best:


"Hey - did I tell you about the guy I ate last week?"





Great painting! Nothing more to add.


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Thanks.  That little diorama was the start of the whole thing.  I'm glad that I realized that I wanted to keep the minis playable before I made it (I magnetized them in there).


*one of the things I love about the game are those check boxes you fill whenever you lose a settlement.  If enough of your people are killed off, you start off finding some of the remains of previous settlements.  Oh, and the starting white lion gets fat.

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When creating a full Chibi Kingdom Death set, I found that a number of the larger Kingdom Death monsters already had large heads  (or head like areas).  In some cases, no actual modifications were needed to turn them into Chibi Kingdom Death creatures.

When I'm creating chibi characters, I tend towards some of the more official color schemes.  It helps the characters to be recognizable.  However, with the unmodified monsters, it makes more sense to approach them with a brighter pallet (and go for chibi eyes).


So, here is my Gorm- in strong purples. I painted the eyes similar to the way that I paint Chibi Zombie eyes.  I also decided that the head stalk wasn't a great spot for a light source unless I wanted the mini to be mostly in darkness, so I opted for a second eye instead.


Her's all ready to dismember cute little survivors.


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    • By ThirstyBob
      So taken a few pic of this guy as I was painting him, started out priming black airbrush pre shading white, then painted the whole thing in brown before changing my mind and going this direction.

      That was the shadows and blending, then I did some yellow highlights on the back and mane, and detail on the face.

      Not sure if I'm done, maybe a bit more blending on the stomach, I think it's showing a bit too much blue.

    • By odinsgrandson
      The dragon king is a very majestic mini.  Like most Kingdom Death minis, he's exquisitely detailed, and simply oozes character.
      In addition, he's also large enough that it is hard to get a photograph of him that keeps everything in focus.
      I was very happy to have a chance to paint him up.  I got to do a lava face base for him (something that I'll probably do something like this on my own Dragon King when I get around to painting him up).
      But enough words:

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      Started on these this week, thought I'd throw them up before I went to bed. C&C always appreciated, especially on the antelope, I'm having a hard time think what I could do to improve it, but I think it was too easy to get it looking that good. Underside of the antelope is still a wip, BIGTIME, I've barely started on it. I mean the gorey sinewy muscle for the tips to make better.

      KDM story spoilers ahead...
    • By Pochi
      This was my entry for the Quarterly Painting Contest on Facebook. I pictured him as some twisted villain's pet so he got a food dish and a toy! (Officially known as the Tennis Ball of Fetching!) I have a love of puns and F-eye-do cracked me up so I had to paint his name on his food dish.
      I made him removable from the funny base and also made the ball removable. This way he can still chomp adventurers!
      The contest was a blast and out of 70 entries, no two were painted alike. So many color schemes and different eyeballs! It makes me want to get a lot more eyebeasts and recreate some of the awesome paint jobs from the contest. (My players might cry! I fully expect one of their characters to purchase a ball and carry it around in their packs...just in case!)
      Thanks for looking and C&C welcome!

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