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6 minutes ago, odinsgrandson said:







You just made my day bright and happy. I request Kaine next.


(EDIT: By the way - the other pictures don't show up unfortunately)

(EDIT II: Now they do. Yay!)

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When I first started planning a Chibi Kingdom Death project, I looked at all of the expansion monsters and considered which ones would just work well with chibis.

I concluded that Spiderlings were already mostly head- so they'd work perfectly with almost no changes.  

For Spidicules herself, I just had to replace the dead survivor with a dangling dead chibi.  I really love applying violent deaths to these super cute little survivors.

Spidicules is pretty huge, and he's one of the most difficult minis to photograph.




And the cute little spiderlings:




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I meant to click the follow button on this thread ages ago.

Your work is always an inspiration. The colour combinations on those spiderlings especially are just gorgeous! 

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Yeah, that's just about how it goes.  Last time we played, all of our 'survivors' were eaten by little spiderlings (it was brutal).

Here are two more Chibi conversions I made of Kingdom Death characters. These are the first two that I made that weren’t for my own collection. I’m still quite fond of how they turned out, and I kind of wish I’d gotten to keep them (I might have to remake them later).



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You did an amazing job on Spidicules. Its bloated body is very well painted, very organic. Did you use an airbrush?

I also like the conversion, it's definitivly more Chibi like with the dangling dead Chibi.

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The spiderlings look like they walked out of an Alice in Wonderland chapter. Wonderful bugs ::D:

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