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Gaming Table- The Draken from Nordic by Nature

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Do you need a gaming table to play games? Once you play on one you will love the enhancement and functionality it provides!

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About this project

I want to introduce you to our prototype of our Draken gaming table, presented by Nordic by Nature! This gaming table is made 100% by American craftsman in my small cabinet and furniture shop in north Idaho. I firmly believe that if you make something to last 200 years people will keep it around for 200 years, and we craft this table with that philosophy. That is why we don't use MDF or particle board, only great quality hardwoods!


My name is Nathan Hansen and this is the prototype for the Draken gaming table. This table is made with through mortise and tenon joinery in the base making it rock solid. Everyone hates it when they are playing a game and someone bumps the table and game pieces move all over the place. By making the base of this table so solid we greatly mitigate that risk while giving you an aesthetically beautiful carriage to hold the surface where so much of your life happens. You could park a truck on this base and not have it waiver.


The tray and top of this table are also very well built. The bottom of the tray is ¾†thick and sits in a recessed rabbit that makes it supper solid, the sides and rails are locked together with joinery as well to ensure that it has the added strength and durability for actual use by a family as rowdy as mine when it comes to gaming. The top inserts sit recessed into a well to protect your game, or whatever you decide to put in the table, and allow you to have a stunning dining table that is completely functional and the inserts are sized to be easily removed and set aside out of the way when gaming, they are not big and bulky.


The entire depth of the gaming well is 2 ½†deep to the base of where the inserts sit allowing most game pieces to stay put even when the top inserts are in place. This depth also allows for things like pieces and dice stay on the table and not on the floor! There will also be a 2.5mm neoprene mat with two different fabric colors, one on each side, which comes with this table. This mat allows you a little cushion to pick up things like cards and chits with ease while providing a firm surface for dice and pieces, think a mouse pad mat. If you prefer a completely hard surface you can just roll up that waterproof mat and play directly on the wood of the gaming well which is also fully sealed.


There is also an aluminum T-rail built into the edge of this table to be able to attach accessories like snack trays, book holders, cup holders and eventually custom accessories. This allows versatility and helps to prevent accidents while you are playing your game like, spilling drinks, chip crumbs and cramped gaming spaces.


Do you need a gaming table to play games? Of course not! However, once you play on a gaming table you will see that it definitely enhances the experience. The Draken not only gives you this enhanced experience, but it looks awesome as both a gaming table and a dining table and is built to last. Your kids will be happy to take it off your hands in 20 years and use it playing games with your grand kids! We use hardwoods that will last generations.


This is not a small table. Not only is it keeping in that farm table style it adds a functionality that fits everyday life with family and friends. It is 88†long by 38 1/2†deep and 30 ½†tall and easily fits 8 people! The gaming area is 29 1/2†across to allow you to reach all the way across the gaming area and 79†long allowing enough room for game boards, card stacks, dice rolling, and play money stashing. We named it after the Viking Dragon Ships because it’s large enough to have some epic battles on!


It will require minimal assembly when you get it home. You will literally have only two screws and four dowel pins to place! Everything else is just pieces that slide into each other. It will get shipped in five main pieces, the left and right set of legs, the beam that spans between, the gaming tray and finally the table inserts. A link to a YouTube video will be posted to show you exactly how and show you that it will literally go together in minutes!

This is truly our first foray into gaming tables. We have been diligently working our craft in cabinets and furniture and this would be our first branch out into functional gaming tables, but we are confident that you will love what we make for you and stand 100% behind our craftsmanship. We have looked at many of the gaming tables on the market and know that we can compete on functionality as well as quality for the price.

If we are so confident in what we can do in this niche area why do we need the Kickstarter community to help us with this? It is more cost effective for us to set up for each part once and cut parts for multiple tables than it is to set up for each table as they are ordered, reducing costs. Also, we get better pricing when we order our hardwoods in bulk quantities allowing us to further reduce the price for this initial offering. Finally, we want to get customer feedback about our product so we can continue to develop one of the best products out there, we hope you will be not only generous enough to fund us but also help us with honest feedback. With these factors in mind we are able to offer this table to the Kickstarter community at a substantial discount.

What would a Kickstarter campaign be without a stretch goal? Here is ours. If we meet our stretch goal of $32,000 we will open up two more hardwood options. For our basic offering the tables will be made from red oak. When we hit the goal we will give all of our customers the choice between red oak, maple, or cherry. In addition to the two stains (the dark pictured and a medium) and natural finish we are originally offering in the oak we will be offering three stains, and natural finish, in the oak as well as in the other wood species, giving you 12 different looks to choose from. Additionally, the neoprene mat, which with the original offering will be red and tan will be opened up to a total of 4 different color combinations for you to choose from to help customize the look you want.

I hope you will join us in making this product a reality!

Game like a Viking!

Sincerely, Nathan Hansen

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That looks like a nice table. I wish I had the space for something like that. I have to use a folding table. :down:


Very nice but out of my budget

Both apply to me sadly. :down:

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Very cool, I'm about half way building my table kinda similar design but 6foot by 4 foot

you should post a WIP

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Very cool, I'm about half way building my table kinda similar design but 6foot by 4 foot

you should post a WIP

But not in this thread please. :;):

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I think it looks more like a Knarr than a Draken....

(A Knarr is a ship with a wider hull, made for transport and trade. It even has better handling than a Draken)


The T-rail is a bit of a flaw in my opinion as it means you'll have to slide in each accessory one by one. Kind of sucks if you have snack trays or whatever already in place, and need to add something in between them.


As for the stability/solidity to the table...

I would have liked to see 'through-wedged tenons' on the base.

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