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5 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

Is it bad that until I met Grump, I didn't even know that there ARE Conan books?


And I worked in a book store for ten years!


All I knew about were the Arnie movies and the comics.




"What kind of bookstore was this, Otto?"

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On 06/21/2017 at 8:29 PM, TheAuldGrump said:

Hmmm, no pirate weapons in Bones yet...

I think that Barrelstrap will do for Dain's dwarf ranger, but he is going to need a weapon swap - but I like the pose a lot.


(Need to buy another - the one I have is for Dragons Don't Share, and I want to keep that set together.)


And I just realized that I have no idea what Sam's familiar is - kind of important for a Witch.

Let him use one of your AoW figures. You have a lot of them, and they look very rangery.

5 minutes ago, Pingo said:




"What kind of bookstore was this, Otto?"

Books a Million, I just never noticed them, so it is on me, not BAM.


Even now I couldn't tell you if they have Conan or not.

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On 06/24/2017 at 3:21 AM, Doug Sundseth said:

Evil cults will do all the sorts of things that any criminal enterprise will, just for slightly different reasons:

  • Kidnapping for sacrifice
  • Theft of all the stuff that you need to summon unspeakable horrors
  • Intimidation to move people out of the place where the summoning ritual will take place (and maybe a bit of arson to clear the space)
  • Drugging the populace to keep them docile, or drugging the cultists to elevate their consciousnesses to the point where they can attract the attention of extra-planar creatures

I'd figure out what the plan of the cult is, including all the weird pieces that might get noticed, then set that up on a timeline. Then let the players make the occasional roll to figure out that something has happened ... and if they don't, they get told by somebody in the general population, just later, giving them less time to respond. And if the players choose not to respond, the plan progresses to the next step.

Grump ran a game where the evil cult was having a human sacrifice to keep a Great Old One from coming back. If the investigators had stopped the sacrifice then bye bye Great Britain.

5 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

I have come to an amazing conclusion!


Kids like playing pirates!


News at 11!



This just in!


Water is wet! :lol:::P:

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On 6/26/2017 at 6:20 AM, Auberon said:


While it's great that your big bad is competent and he has competent lieutenants, it is important that the entire organization not be uber-competent.  This is true for two reasons: 1. Once an organization gets large enough it will have to include average people among its membership and those people will make average mistakes.  It could be anything from a simple slip-up to a mid-level manager thinking he is the smart one and making a power-play.  2. More importantly, for dramatic reasons the PCs need loose threads to pull on.  Right now your organization is DM facing, not PC facing.  At some point the players need a way to engage with your setting.


Even if the church is going about its business in a competent manner, the ripple effects its actions create can be the first loose threads.  Using the above example as a further example, criminal organizations in a large city are not monolithic.  Prohibition era Chicago for example had two main gangs in charge and then a number of smaller gangs.  The smaller gangs were affiliated with one of the two larger ones depending on which one supplied their booze.  Say your city is like that (substituting some other illicit substance for alcohol) and the Church comes to town.  They aren't going to pay off everyone as that would be way too expensive.  They pick sides and there are winners and losers.  The winners are feeling their oats and make a play for more territory and suddenly you have your gang war.  The PCs get involved and can then start tracing their way back to the source.


It doesn't have to be gangs of course.  Think of what the status-quo was before the evil organization came to town, what they did to upset that, and how that plays out.  Obviously you don't need to go too far.  Once you have three ideas that should give the PCs ample opportunities to get involved.

Oh yeah, I'm not going to do a thing where the cult remains secretive and the party just doesn't know anything, EVER.


I'm just trying to do SOME bits of narrative progression without a full-on railroad. Basically hints of something as the party does a handful of quick adventures before reaching level 7, and once they reach that level that's when the cultists start to slip up, or the activities become more overt, or something, I've not decided yet. I don't want this to be "you guys slum about this town for days and then all of a sudden this army of monsters swoops down and lays waste to the town, and you just never caught on because the bad guys were too clever."

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