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Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

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It's gonna mean some hard decisions lie ahead with Patrick's and Kev's kickstarters both running around the same time.

I know what you mean.


Does one go with Top Ramen, or live a little, spend the extra dime, and go with Maruchan?

For a second there I thought you were making an unkind comparison between cheap ramen and the quality of the two sculptors! Glad I know people here better than that. ::):


I have a feeling that shipping is going to work out much cheaper for me with this KS rather than Bombshell's, being UK-based and all.

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Mini #3 from our initial set of 4 is, the punnily named, Dawn.
And also Trike, who may or may not make an appearance :)
(Anyone who follows Kev's Hasslefriesian page or Fancagne Didiers page will already know the answer to that ;)
Still working hard for launch!


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That's a girl you DONT ask to go clubbing. Because it will be taken literally :lol:

Would anybody else be tempted to paint the dino a vibrant orange like Cera?

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And the last of our initial 4 characters for our upcoming Kickstarter is ... Aneira.

However, her companion doesn't have a name. So I sense another patented 'Name that Mini!' contest!

So let's have at it Facebook, I need a name for Aneira's companion, a Sabretoothed Snow Leopard.

(There are two other companions in the KS, named Tryke and Thumper)

Some other things about the art. 1. There's still nothing under the 'censored' banners, so stop asking smile emoticon:) and 2. This time the 'Winter' artwork is by yours truly, unfortunately Matt had a death in the family which shorted the time he had to work on sketches for us, so a few will be rough sketches by me and we can all trust in Kev smile emoticon


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Does anyone else look at that bard and think "microphone stand"? It's been bugging me for weeks now. It's just the angle she's holding it at really. Clearly the large crystal amplifies & transmits her voice or something.

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Two browsers (Chrome and Opera) are displaying the picture above (and all the others you posted) as a broken link.  I tried it in Firefox and it works there.  I checked the address of the image and found the https:// prefix.  When I copied the address and switched it to http:// instead, it displayed correctly in Chrome and Opera.


Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?  


Here's the same image with the https:// prefix replaced with http://.


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