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DDS2: Aurora Dragon (large pics)

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All i can say is   






Also can I have her??





Don't forget to enter her in the Large creature contest!   

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This is gorgeous!
I can almost feel the faint warmth coming from the torch.


Great composition and awesome piece!

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That is just a stunning piece all around, and I love the whole composition!  You are going to do super, super well at ReaperCon with this one (as with all your stuff!), but I can't even imagine how much of a nightmare travelling with a resin piece this big would be!


Once again, wonderful job!!!  ::):

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I'm going to ship it (hopefully) so it should be a lot safer than trying to stuff it into my carry-on.  Yeah- when I decided to finish the "ginormous dragon of doom" it occurred to me it wouldn't fit.  I thought about assembly when I got there, but it would be too stressful.  So, post office here I come!


Thank you so much everyone!  It's a huge relief just to have this project done.


Next... the oracle dragon we all won last year!  I promise an in-depth WIP.  the plan: taking a lionfish pattern and doing it in blues and greens.  I may, if not exhausted, do an underwater ruin and certainly will make a bunch of fun corals for the base pillar!



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