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I absolutely love their diTerlizzi line. So much personality. This is the first one I've painted so far, but I plan on getting some more done soon.

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Fantastic painting! Man, I knew Dark Sword made amazing minis, but I haven't seen anything like this from them. So cool.

I fear of checking their Diterlizzi section as it will most likely hurt my wallet severely.

(I have 'a few' of their Critter kingdom, Visions in Fantasy and Elmore Masterworks, though. )


I like the skin colour, really. Much better than that silly green stuff everyone insists on.

(Never heard that Goblins photosynthesize, anyways, so... )


The helmet looks almost as if it was cast iron.


And yeah, if you can't stop and smell the flowers once in a while, its not much of a life is it?

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    • By Sanael
      Got a little bored with the half-finished things on my desk (which explains why they're all half finished and over two years old... Or eight years, in one case...), So I decided I'd start on something I've wanted to paint to a high level for a long time.

      Jeff Grace did a magnificent job sculpting this snake lady, and offering a lot of wonderful opportunity for painters. Although I love love looooooove Marike Reimer's subtly colored studio paint job, I wanted something with a bit more color... Beautiful as they are, Diamondbacks aren't the only snakes in the world, and I like snake-folk that aren't just Brown or green.
      So I'm talking inspiration from the lovely Redbellied Snake, a small species of the Eastern USA. Maybe too docile a species to expect as a Gorgon, but I don't mind. Look at the color!

      So the plan is to go with the highly saturated red-orange of her scutes, abdomen and face, the relatively dull brown of her back, and a pale bluey green for her dress (I suppose the dress is more or less a chiton, but the more I've looked at it, the more it starts looking like a peplos with sleeves and a very small himation...I dunno). I also intend transparency on the garment, which is why I stayed inside the lines about as well as a kindergartner on Red Bull.

      This is about 15 minutes of work, that's all I had during lunch today. I also did not write down my paints, so I'll get that formula tomorrow. I am super excited about that red-orange, though!
    • By Pochi
      I somehow forgot to post this guy when I finished him last year. I painted him shortly after I finished his queenly counterpart. I had some issues with the ice on the base so it didn't turn out exactly as I hoped but it's ok. Painting these big guys is sure a whole different experience to painting the "normal" sized minis.




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        Last of the skirmishers...

    • By Lt. Coldfire
      Stuff I painted this year.  

    • By Cyradis
      My mom and I did a side by side painting of this little Dark Sword demon frog dude. We agreed upon a color scheme and limited palette. She used my Reaper paint, and I used her equivalent Vallejo Game Color paint. She got acquainted with her nice new brush. We did these in ~1hr. Fast sloppy job for me, and enough to encourage her to start highlighting more than previous paint jobs.
      Not my best photos because we are painting at the kitchen table together where I set up picture booth. Tough! 

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