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Kang's Kreations - Molten Metal Madness

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I finally got a chance to try my hand at patination!


Here is a liver of sulphur patina applied selectively using a hot process (there was a weed burner torch and a lot of sizzling involved, what fun!) to one of my silicon bronze skull belt buckles.  To add shading, so to speak. 


For the highlights, I buffed the patina off first with a scotchbrite pad, then more selectively with a wire brush drillbit.  Simple as that.  Then once it has cooled, a coat of spray polyurethane to seal the piece and stabilize the patina.  That came out a bit glossier than I'd hoped, but I can live with that.  Wax would be the more typical choice of sealer; I used what I had handy.








Let me know what you think!



AKA Tobho son of Timmett

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Here is another bronze casting with liver of sulphur patina, alongside the belt buckle.




Same bronze.

Same LoS.

Totally different colour!



I did do one thing differently: the belt buckle was sealed with clear spray polyurethane, and the ashtray was sealed with wax, which IMO gave a much nicer finish due to not being so glossy.


Maybe people will find the pic helpful as a painting reference.  Most time people add a patina effect to minis, it's a blue-green verdigris type  of patina.  From what I have noticed anyhow.


Fact is, patinas come in a wide variety of different colours, and not every dunegon lord cares so little for his art collection that he will neglect his statues until they look like they have been crying blue-green verdigris tears for a couple of centuries.  :)


Anyhow, there is video too.  It shows what the castings looked like before and after as well as how I applied the patina.




Note, liver of sulphur is NOT non-toxic.  I am not sure if it would work on pewter if someone wanted to try shading a mini this way, perhaps it would.  For sure it is used on silver and some other copper alloys.  If you try it, maybe try applying it cold, which may be slower.  Pewter melts at a much lower temperarure than bronze.  That said, I was aiming for about 200F with my weed burner torch which should be safe dor metal minis (I think), but I got parts of it hotter than that for sure at certain points in the process.



AKA Tobho son of Timmett

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