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Lt. Coldfire

03100: Thanis the Bonecaller

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A wonderfully dark and cold version of a marvelously over the top sculpt.


It's a good candidate to paint up as a Drow. Very inspiring!






(I have a copy of this figure sitting on my desk primed and ready to paint when I'm feeling Halloweeney enough (Thanks to buglips for the recommendation).)

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I always loved this sculpt, have to pick one up someday....


Awesome paintjob.!!!

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    • By Geoff Davis
      03880: Phineas Greybone, Necromancer sculpted by Tre Manor
      Overall I'm really happy with how the light effects worked out.  This was a really difficult miniature to photograph.  The main challenges painting him were the glowing skull and the very irregular base.  I tired to make the skull stand out by making very deep purple shadows around it.  I used red, orange and white glazes and appear to glow, but without making it look too orange.  Making the base look dark enough was very difficult because it has a very irregular surface and every jagged edge catches the real light and makes it look brighter than I want it to in comparison to the shadow areas on the main figure.  In future for a project of this type, I would use a smoother style of base so I have more control over the shadows and lighting like on the main figure. 
      Comments and criticism are welcome. 



    • By Felltyde
      Finally finished these two, been sitting around for awhile 

    • By Metalchaos
      Hi everyone, good Friday! Here is DSM8020, the Female Fox Mage. This 28mm pewter model sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. The grimoire and dagger inspired me to paint her as a dark fur Necromancer. I was deligted by the amazing detail of this model, the dagger scabbard, the candle monted on the staff and the textured fabric are impressive and were a pleasure to paint.












    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper 03042, the second version of Morrdha, Vampire Noble, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
      I don't know what his story is, but both versions are casting something from a book of Up to No Good, and both have a little demon thing lurking at their feet.
      I loved the lively cape on this figure, and the melodrama. I decided to paint him ginger and make his armor look appallingly rusty.
      Oh, right, and while I did not exactly do NMM or anything, I did paint his sword with pigmented colors instead of my usual sloshing on of metallic silver.
      There is no WIP thread, but I would be happy to answer questions. Comments and critiques are also welcome.






    • By Silvervane
      Well, I finally have gotten around to starting up the Necromancer's from Zombicide: Black Plague.  I could have started with the core Necro, but I felt inspired to start with Grin.  Now I as I painted him up I had to constantly tell myself he's only for gaming.  But I think he has some character.  The game fiction has him being a Necromancer that failed at an attempt to bring out the dead, from a pesky adventurer.  So I decided to give him a similar complexion to my zombies.  Then I decided to attempt to give him some red lips to enhance his grin.  In the end for a table top mini I think he came out ok.

      Though After painting him up I noticed a few spots I'll touch up.  Then I though that he would have look cool painted up as a not-joker.  *Sigh*  Maybe someday I'll look to see if I can acquire another copy.  Thanks for any C&C you feel inspired to give.
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