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The Making of Max's Minions: A WiP Thread!

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So, in this thread I'm documenting my progress at Painting and Modifying a bunch of Minis for the D&D Actual Play Podcast The Misadventures of Max's Minions to represent all of the PCs in it, Past, Present and Future! Several of these are Reaper minis this time around.


The Podcast can be found here if you are interested...



The PCs and their Mini-Minions so far...


Sting the Pixie Rogue




Dog the Beastmaster Ranger(And his Badly made "Kord Hat".)




Salle the Goblin Sorceress?




Kildrick the Dwaren Cleric of "The First Church of Kildrick the Navel-less"




Stasi Xen the Human Fighter




Dana Toren the Eladrin Warlord




Most of these are in the earliest stage of work in progress. I thought I might as well chronicle this progress somewhere, so I decided on here. Hopefully, I can get a bit of help and support as I endeavor to complete this project. I already know I need a lot of Luck for this. I'm not gonna ask for anyone to give any of your luck for this. Just asking for a bit of Support and maybe a bit of advice.



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Salle the Goblin "Sorceress" is practically completed.






Dawg the Ranger has had plenty of progress, but still needs a bit more work. His "Kord Hat" is looking better now that it has paint on it.






Dawg's Animal Companion, Bear the Bear, has had progress too. Base coat and the start of shading have been done so far.


In other news about this project, I've decided to try the Bones version of the mini I was going to use for Stasi Xen the Fighter as the Metal version was frustrating me while trying to assemble it. But now that version isn't reacting well to my glue, so I ordered some of Reaper's new glue for bones. Should be here Tuesday or so.


Also, Anyone know of any dog minis? I need at least 4 different dogs for this project. I have 1 or 2 so far. They Cannot be Wolves or Wolf like. I need actual Small-Medium Sized dogs. I have a Bulldog/Pug like dog. I'm looking for other types if possible. Send me a PM with infos, if you know of any. Thanks:)



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Progress on The Minions has been made!






Dawg is looking much better.






Bear is also coming along well.








Dogs I, II and IV are based and ready for Primer and painting.



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Progress is being made on Dawg the Ranger and I've started work on Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric! And I finally Decided to go with Plan C For Human Fighter Stasi Xen. Pictures later this Weekend.



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So, I've made progress on the Mini-Minions! I finished Salle, Sting and Dawg and Sealed them up just about an hour ago! My Pictures of Sting didn't come out so good, though. Dawg came out really good. I like the effect I got of Oiled Up Wrassler that has a bit of a Sunburn. Salle probally could have used a bit of touching up, but I didn't see it in time due to the small size of the mini and stuff. Oh well. She still looks pretty damn cool.










Next on my agenda, Dogs I, II, III, IV, Bullock and Kildrick! Also, Basing Stasi Xen Plan C!



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Dog I is done apart from Sealing.






Same goes for Dog IV!






Started work on the Dwarven Cleric Kildrick!




Finally, started Bullock the Human Psion!





So, I still have a ways to go, but I made good progress tonight. Praise the Power of Insomnia!! :P




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Dog III is nearly done except for basework.






Stasi Xen Plan C is going to be using some of the Bones 3 Weapon Swap items. Her Axe is currently drying onto a new handle.






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