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77153: Snakeman Warrior

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So glad you posted these as I have a whole mess of these guys I need to eventually paint up. Really like what you did with the rattlesnake marks on the one, I had never considered that. Also the orange and yellow one looks amazing. I had never considered going to nature for inspiration for these, and love how yours turned out.

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    • By Crowley
      As November's Hangout Figure of the Month, we picked Medusa 77037/02833. Now, because of boobs, I can't share most of my pics of her.
      However you can see them at my blog:
      Part 1

      Part 2

      At this point I just need to touch up a few spots, flock the base, and she's done!
    • By londwch
      Here is one I did last week and I thought I would put it on here, I searched around at other attempts at it and decided to have a stab at it.  I don't know if I should have censored this because her top half is naked but I did see that it looks like the moderator removes the image if it is not okay.  Apologies if there is any offence.
      I found this figure really hard to do as there was lots going on with bangles and arms plus I have no idea how to do scales.  I have next to no idea about highlighting as you can tell and I am just learning through trial and error so here goes.
      ( oh and the face got too much for me in the end as it this stage in my painting eyes are virtually impossible ! :) )
    • By Glitterwolf
      I painted these two lovely Snakemen from Reaper as part of my Lost World Reptilian Army.
      WIP and Story of the Lost World here:
      Here are the troops:

    • By TheOldGuard
      Greetings folks!
      Sssssssssssss, tabletop quality paintjob of the Giant Cobra from the Bonesssssssssss 3 Kickssssssstarter!
      Thanks for looking!






    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Time for the final pics to be posted here (those that I can anyhow). This is Queen Shaernagathu - I came up with this name as it's the 3 parts of the figure that I kit-bashed together to form this figure. The body of Queen Shaerileth, a tentacle from the well of doom and the snake bottom half from I don't know which snake or creature or even if it was a reaper figure, I found all 3 parts in the melt bin during ReaperCon 2016.
      I was going to hold off posting and enter her into the 2017 Massive Voodoo water base challenge, but it was pointed out to met that she doesn't qualify due to a full figure being in the scene, the challenge is for the base to be the star with possibly a couple small plants/animals, but no full figures.
      Anyhow, it was a super fun project and very challenging. I did a lot of new things with it and learned a lot during the process. I had great feedback from others on the forum as well.
      WIP can be found here: 
      Without further ado, here are the pics that I can show and links to the NSFW pics I can't show on the forum. I know they will expire at some point, but at least I can upload a few here.

      NWFW Links
      Pic 1
      Pic 2
      Pic 3
      Pic 4
      Thanks for looking and of course C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
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