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ES54 - Ral Partha Winged Panther

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I've just finished this Ral Partha oldie from my collection - ES54 Winged Panther.


I went for a naturalistic black panther look but with a bluish sheen to the highlights (a bit like you sometimes see in movies as they're prowling through the jungle!). The wing skin recesses are actually a really dark red/brown but you can't exactly see it on these pics.


Interestingly, the blue highlights seemed a lot bluer after I added the static grass to the base.


post-14256-0-15255300-1476614023_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-14911000-1476613968_thumb.jpg


post-14256-0-90379500-1476613971_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-44716800-1476613975_thumb.jpg


post-14256-0-88795100-1476613978_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-26198100-1476614005_thumb.jpg


post-14256-0-02737200-1476614009_thumb.jpg post-14256-0-89127000-1476614012_thumb.jpg



Thanks for looking!





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Excellent job!


I've got this figure waiting for it's turn in the paint line. I'll be referencing this when I get around to it.

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Great Work!


Somewhere, in a Dragon magazine, there's a few pics of one of these that was done for a GenCon, back in the day...

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And this creature has re-emerged!

It is featured in the new Disney Junior show Elena of Avalor.


Nice job here.

Very stealthy.

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      Thanks for looking!

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