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Introducing: the Purple Cat Challenge! Mashaaf in 5 days! WIP

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Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the very first Purple Cat Challenge! :bday:


Most of you are probably familiar by now with the 7 day Goblin Challenge; the one where you can only use brushes Size 0 or smaller, and being kinda crazy is a common prerequisite. If you haven't heard of this madness before, here's the official rules, and here's where the insanity all began.


Now, after completing two of them, I've become rather fond of these challenges, and how they've stretched me to my limits and beyond as a painter. Something I've definitely noticed, though, is that while the Goblin Challenges are Legendary Feats (not exaggerating), they may never be feasible for responsible folks with jobs and families and what-not. So, this fact, plus buglips' attempt to paint Cthulhu in 2 days, plus my realization that there are other cool BIG minis that need painting, all crashed into each other and resulted in...a mess. :lol:


But! What came out of that mess was the idea of the Purple Cat Challenge. This will consist of smaller BIG minis that will still be challenging to complete in 5 days, but are both more affordable and hopefully more approachable to those not able to devote a solid week to tiny brushes and sanity loss.


Mashaaf will be the first, and I can confirm that Cthulhu will be the second. I have a good idea of the other models I'd like to include, but would like to paint them up first to determine whether they are good candidates or not. I don't have as much painting experience as buglips, so my initial assessment of whether a model would be a good challenge may be off, and I'd hate for someone to try one only to have it be ridiculously easy or impossibly difficult. :)



SO! Without further ado, here are Da Roolz*:


1.  You may use no brushes larger than Size 0.  As Size 0 can vary by company and brand, the average bristle  dimensions are 10mm long by 1mm wide.  When selecting brushes, try to be as close to this guideline as possible. 


2.  You have 5 full days to complete from your posted start time (including a picture with a time stamp from a phone or computer screen is helpful to establish this) to complete the model.


3.  All visible areas must be painted, and all paint must be applied with a regulation brush.


4.  No drilling, filing, mold line removal or other prepwork is permitted before start time.  The only preparation allowed is to dry fit your pieces to make sure the model is complete, and do any boiling and reshaping necessary to correct warpage and return the model to "factory spec".   You may also clean the pieces with soap and water.


5.  All pieces as included in the box set at retail must be painted.  This would include, for example, the 5 adventurer figures included with Dragons Don't Share 2. 


6.  You must declare in your thread title that you are doing a 5-day challenge (ex: Mashaaf in 5 Days; Cthulhu in 5 Days).  This way your thread gets noticed as a challenge so I can watch the fun and make arrangements for the prize** if you succeed.


7.  Eligible models for the challenge are:  Mashaaf, Cthulhu. More will be added as eligibility is determined.


*Essentially, the Purple Cat Challenge roolz are exactly the same as the Goblin Challenge roolz, save for the models that are allowed (currently only Mashaaf and Cthulhu), and that the participant will have FIVE days instead of seven.


**NOTE: Any (non-monetary, unaffiliated with Reaper) completion prizes will be contingent on availability and finances. I will at the very least mail you a pretty certificate. ^_^


Let's get this party started! :bday:


EDIT: If you'd like to skip to the end, here is the completion picture: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71342-introducing-the-purple-cat-challenge-mashaaf-in-5-days-wip/?p=1458351



--OneBoot :D

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Grubby Queen Mashaaf was covered with bits of stuff



Down came the brush to scrub the stuff all off



Out came the stream to rinse off all the taint



But will Squeaky Clean Mashaaf be dry in time for paint?




--OneBoot :D

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Good on you for extending the original challenges to other figures.  I almost always try to follow along to see how different painters approach such projects.  Have fun with the queen.

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Good on you for extending the original challenges to other figures.  I almost always try to follow along to see how different painters approach such projects.  Have fun with the queen.


Thanks, I plan to! ^_^


Be aware, though, that this is my own thing, and while I do use the same rules as buglips' challenges, they aren't otherwise associated. The Purple Cat Challenge models will not be eligible for 7-day challenges, and vice versa. :)



--OneBoot :D

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*flops in the comfy papsan chair with cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, grilled jalapeños*





Surely Marthrangul a T'razgul will be added to this list!

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I'm a no go on this until latter models get added, because I do not own, nor have desire to own the two so far involved, but at this point I would like to say WOOO BOOT!!!

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Yeah... I was excited to see the giant cat model... and then less so because no giant cat model... then excited because this will be exciting to watch during NRC (NonReaperCon)!


That has such strong connotations... maybe I should change that to RCL (ReaperConLess).  Yes... let's do that...

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Thanks everyone! ^_^


Okay, so this has already been an interesting experience! The past two hours have included:


-A shocking amount of paint that somehow ended up on myself

-Experiments in handle designs

-Improper use of Reaper Paint Pokey tools

-Blood for the blood god! (surprisingly, unrelated to the former point)

-Noodley appendages

-Bad karaoke that nobody heard (probably for the best)


Pictures! (I...thought I took more than three. I'll remedy that in the future!)


This is the front half perched on a permanent marker. I was trying to find someplace to set it down that wouldn't result in Brown Liner everywhere, and I spotted the marker sitting in my pencil cup. The other writing implements have been rudely evicted.



Some of the aforementioned handles. Picture are Paint Pokey tool with poster putty (ultimately rejected), safety pins, and these funny little standing clips that are supposed to be for holding paper signs, but are AWESOME for holding oddly-shaped mini parts! Especially since it's an alligator clip on the end. :bday:



And everything is brown linered!



I love how her lower half is the only thing that isn't being held by something. Even the base is sitting on my rinse jar lid to dry. :lol:



--OneBoot :D

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