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Mythic Battles Pantheon

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I got my stuff today. I only opened the core box, which weighs a ton by itself. I snapped a quick pic, the minis look great. Delivery in early Feb when it was scheduled for Dec is great for such a large project, and the extra month to Canada was well worth it to avoid import tariffs and sales tax.


Scale is a bit odd, they made the heroes larger than the troops, which is why Atalanta looks so much taller than the amazon and Leonidas towers over the hell warrior. Still, neither would look out of place on most game tables as seen compared to the Reaper mini in the middle. And the gods could easily double as giants. The centaur is a bit blurry but he's a nice mini with a cool helm. Zeus has lightning crackling in his hand, I'm sure there will be some fantastic paint jobs with that. 

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fwiw, The gods, heroes, and troops have different scales because, for gameplay, they act differently. Heroes and Gods have their own dashboard with the stat clip, while Troops only get a smaller playing size card. Troops also come in sets of more than one miniature, while Heroes and Gods are individual. To some extent, for Troops, their wounds are the number of miniatures removed from the board, while the Heroes and Gods use the stat clips to record their wounds.


Thanks for the pic! 

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There ia a Mythic Battle Paint group over on facebook and there are already fantastic paint jobs going around.  They are also talking about doing a reorder kickstarter after this finishes fufilling if anyone missed the original campaign.  Plus a Mythic Battles Ragnorock kickstarter in 2019.

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I have my packages. Now I need to inspect them. It's heavy! O__O

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