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Looking for historical infantry

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Hi, I'm looking for any historical infantry mini with a forlorn/tired/sorrow look in 28-32mm, preferably from Reaper.

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Hi, I'm looking for any historical infantry mini with a forlorn/tired/sorrow look in 28-32mm, preferably from Reaper.


That's to broad a topic and I can't think of anything in the Reaper line that fits. I would try searching for napoleonic era miniatures especially vignettes involving the retreat from Moscow by Napoleon in 1812.


Other than that I really need to know what era you are thinking about. 

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Yes, "any" is such a broad subject, ranging from 3000bc to 2016ad talking about currently manufactured lines...


Reaper doesn't really make historical minis. There are a few that has some historical "flavor" but are not historical per se (more like "Hollywood historical.")



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It doesn't have to be perfect, Hollywood/Reaper historical works too. Xherman, I was looking at the WWII Chronoscopes and I'm leaning heavily towards the first one you linked. I was hoping maybe someone might have seen something I didn't. Era really doesn't matter for this one, though being able to look at multiple eras would be nice.

The plan is to do a diorama for next ReaperCon with a heaven or hell theme based on Five Finger Death Punch's Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell.


Edited to Add: I decided to add a US Infantryman from each of the major wars. I think I have enough Reaper Infantry that adding other company's mini shouldn't knock me out of consideration for a Sophie.

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Some more (semi-) historicals from Reaper.


Maybe a little converting will help?














Personally I think the Native American Chieftain and the US infantryman from my first post might work well together.

Sort of a "then"and "now" setting?

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Kinda, mostly, I had already looked at all of them but showing them again in one spot made me reconsider the scope. Enabling.

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I almost enabled myself, looking at all those cool minis.


Luckily this time I made my will save..( mostly because there are minis on their way as we speak already...)


I did notice, with all the semi historicals, I miss the Conquistadores, Napoleonics and Roman style minis.

Would love to see some Reaper versions of those periods.

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    • By Glitterwolf
      For my Lost World Project I needed some Meso American Warriors.
      Here is one from Mirlinton.
      Aztec Jaguar Warrior.
      A few pics against my Jungle Photo Backdrop Board too.
      WIP here for those interested:
      Here he is.

    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Hello everyone,
      I’ve been asking myself if this is the right place, but as this project has been the one that kept me busy for most of my recent time and is very dear to me, I would like to present it to you.
      The whole idea to this was born during the time when I nearly stopped painting miniatures and doing wargaming.
      I had some pretty bad experiences with some guys and communities in Germany and my overall motivation to do some painting and building stuff was down to almost none. I even stopped writing which normally is my preferred method of relaxing. In short: A midlife miniature crisis.
      Read some more about the background over here:
      Gallia to Arms - original blog entry
      During that time a friend of mine bought the miniature kit of the Edelweiß tank that became available just then and later also purchased the kit of the Shamrock tank. That was the moment I decided to also make a small miniature project within the world of Valkyria Chronicles which I had known and liked since I first came to know the original game (or rather … its soundtrack).
      I had a lot of 20mm figures left and some 1/72 scale tanks, which I figured to be perfect for my plan to recreate the equipment and figures of the game in small scale. They don’t need much space, are easily convertible and they don’t cost as much as 28mm figures and vehicles.
      As some of my friends continued to do wargaming on WWII and I had so much stuff left, I soon decided to create a small force of Gallian troops for WWII skirmish games. Unfortunately it turned out that the game rules they were using rendered the Valkyria Chronicles scenario almost useless (due to balancing issues).
      So I continued creating models just for fun, using the whole anime scenario to set up the amusing story of a guy doing weird stuff.
      It somehow got out of hand …
      My little builds caught the attention of some guys organizing an annual local tabletop event called “Do or Dice” – and they asked me if I’d like to present some of my miniatures.
      I thought – wow – what an honor – but … it’s a tabletop event, not a miniature showcase event. So … hm. What to do?
      Right! Create an own scenario.
      Luckily I had acquired some left-over scale train terrain from my late uncle – and there were two grass mats measuring 100cm x 70cm.
      Perfect for a small skirmish game. Reason enough for me to tackle that challenge.
      Fortunately I’ve like 8 month or so left.
      Well then – Let’s Make … Gallia to Arms!

      Creating a scenario set in the Valkyria Chronicles universe requires certain elements.
      As I plan to use this thread as the main thread and create threads for the single elements of the game – Gallian Forces, Imperial Forces and Terrain – consider this as some kind of register for the different threads. I will frequently update the different sections, so stay tuned.

      What do we need?
      Gallian Forces

      Gallian Army WIP Thread
      Imperial Forces


      Terrain WIP
      Game rules and scenario setup

      Game supplies

      Well then
      Let’s make this:

      Into this:

      Or at least something that looks like it …
    • By bailey03
      I realized I had yet to post any pictures of my latest project here.  A few months ago I started working on this 54mm scale knight from Romeo Models.  The figure is from the era of the 3rd Crusade, but I decided to paint him up as a generic knight rather than one of the crusading orders (like the Templars).  This gave me a lot more freedom in color choice and for the design work on his clothing/shield.  In my mind, he's an English knight traveling with Richard the Lionheart on crusade.  That steered my color choice a bit, as red and yellow were colors used by the English king.  But I opted to replace the lion with a griffin on this piece (just to do something a little different).
      He's come a pretty long way.  I wanted to push for a higher contrast on this piece.  It's similar to how I've done fantasy figures, but I wanted to see how I could make it look on a historical figure (since we naturally expect to see a more realistic overall look).  I made a few very minor changes to the figure.  I shaved down the noseguard a bit so it hid less of his face.  And I inserted two arrow shafts into his shield.  Painting has all be done with acrylics, primarily Reaper though I did use Scale75 for the metallics.  I have a couple small details to do on the knight, along with the chainmail on his legs.  Then all that's left are the base and weathering the figure.  I don't expect a ton of time to paint over the holidays, so hopefully I can finish him up in January.

      And here's a look at the base (keeping it pretty simple just to focus on the figure) and a sense of scale for the piece.

    • By Skrill
      I found a pack of these little buggers in the 1$ bin of my FLGS.
      They are 15mm "flames of war" minis (WWII type) and I though I could try to make use of them for my CAV infantry.
      I just modernized them a bit with some green-stuff goggles (which has the advantage of not making me paint eyes on 15mm minis and match the canopies of my Terran CAV) and did speed paint.
      Here is the result:

      They are a bit big for CAV, especially next to a transport vehicle, but they will do for the purpose of the game.
      Other pic for scale:

    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Well then,
      Let's go on. As written in my WIP thread ->Check Here<-, the first few Gallian infantry units for my Valkyria Chronicles scenario ->Check Here<- are done.
      That means: First few units are ready to be shown.
      As I wrote, those are units I made over a time frame of almost 4 years now, so I guess a constant quality improvement is clearly visible. Still - even if they are not perfect to the last, every of these figures is quite dear to me.


      As you can see, on the first two I tried to apply eyes, but it looks weird, so I am currently thinking of repainting their faces.

      Some details:




      And just to give an idea of the scale - here's Reaper's Troll Slayer Sophie for comparison:

      Next units are already on their way.
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