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12 minutes ago, Kang said:

Nice work, you're a far better wood worker than I am.


Now comes the hard part - keeping yourself from cluttering up that beautiful new flat surface with last week's laundry loads and other assorted random detritus that has nothing to do with lost wax casting.  Be vigilant!  ::D:




That area of my house is my studio.  Nothing domestic is allowed in there.  That said, getting cluttered with tools that should have been put away, boxes of Bones, or workout dumbells (I exercise in the area too) is a real possibility.

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Jewelry Bench, Part 2:


I finished it!




I put the fifth and final coat of varnish on the top last night and installed the drawer pulls.  I then mounted the GRS BenchMate bracket and bored a ring mandrel hole.


Then I leveled it using its leveling feet:




Finally, I installed my Foredom:




Now I just have a ton of sculpts to get done for clients and then I can make a ring for my wife.



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    • By GydigiGytha
      FInished this one today after working off some hints someone gave me and I actually really like it :D

    • By Jasonator
      After ALL this Time I am going to Post a  WIP ???
      Well, I broke all my rules about painting a miniature with this one. 
      I designed the BASE FIRST (do that last Normally).
      Attached the figure to the base, its glued and pinned (becoming a nut-job really).
      So now I have to paint this puppy on its base, and I have NO CLUE as to what it is.
      Two eyes, claws, lots of mouth, furry, and VERY Little.  Might be smaller than my dwarf that I posted.
      I believe it is.
      So I'll try to post photos as I go about this.  Maybe I'll learn something, maybe not.
      Here is the start of the little Woolly creature on his base made from a piece of 1000 year old oak bark,
      taken from the area where the crotch of a limb might have been. 
      Toss a comment in if you feel like it.

    • By Jasonator
      I started out this miniature without a clue as to what I was going to do with it.
      I had NO idea what it was, and so the first thing I did was create a WIP to get some guidance as I progressed
      through painting the mini.  I was absolutely clueless. 
      In a short time of working on it, the Meier touch came through and the pure humor, and skill of Tom was
      guiding my hands (if not my chuckles).  Ideas came along with encouragement of our friends on the Forum.
      So rather than keep filling an already full bucket, here is my painted  interpretation of Tom Meiers "LITTLE WOOLLY".
      Your comments, and opinions are greatly appreciated.
      You can find the WIP in the Works in Progress session.
      The base is made from a very old piece of Oak Bark.

    • By Jasonator
      Finally I have finished this miniature (I should call it a  mini-Mini).  The photo's will prove my point.
      Challenging is an understatement.  A Tom Meier mini that will test you in many ways, and a great
      teaching tool.  Want to learn brush control, pick this baby up.  I spent almost as much time cleaning up
      after myself as painting it up.  Once you stop rushing and enjoying it, it turns into a hoot.  I did enjoy this one.
      So enough chatter on my part.  Here is the Dwarf Warrior as I see it.
      As usual, your comments and input are greatly appreciated.

    • By Jasonator
      Kathud !!!
      I finished another Dark Sword Miniature this afternoon.  I got some upsetting news, so I painted it off, intead
      of letting it bother me.  So, with that said... This is a HEAP OF FUN to paint.  I actually did it twice.  When I looked at number 1
      I liked it, but it was boring.  So I got out the paints AGAIN, and figured out another paint scheme.  I based my second set of painting
      on "Night Watch", and that is what is here.  Very complicated Sculpt to paint, and get into.  Multi level highlighting also makes the
      brush work that more complicated.  28mm is SMALL, so keep tips well pointed !  
      Do have fun, its worth it on this one.
      Comments (negative or positive) are greatly appreciated !
      Here he is:

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