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Wee little dwarves and orcs (10mm)

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Fantastic looking armies I've always had a soft spot for warmaster and the 10mm scale so its nice to see these being painted up how have you found it for KOW now you have a reasonable amount done.

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Thanks.  Once my eyes adjusted to the scale, I had a good time painting them and I'm happy with how they turned out.



I managed to play one 1000 pt game before leaving for vacation.   As usual I completely forgot to take any photos.  Then again the way the battle went for my dwarves, did I really want to keep a record?


After laying out the play area both my friend and I were pretty well convinced that we had got something wrong since it looked impossibly small.  But yeah, it turns out that these guys don't take up much room.  The orcs aren't easy to distinguish from the back so we talked about perhaps labeling the back of the units.  


Here is a pic of both armies (a bit over 2000pts each) in one plano box:



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I brought this set to the beach and you can see some mid battle shots in the Kings of War thread.  


The results of these beach games was that my nephew decided that "his" dwarves needed some more firepower.  Since almost immediately after the beach vacation I had to run out to my brothers house for a good 5 days of babysitting I took the opportunity to bring some gunner dwarves and slightly higher quality brushes so my nephew could paint them.  


Not bad, in my unbiased opinion.  He said that it was fun but that he thought painting 28's was better.  To be fair that was pretty much my opinion after painting my first unit of 10mm dwarves.  It grows on you.

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