HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu mythos ,the great old ones II

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Dear Friends 

My name is Rykar Jove ,I 'm a freelance sculptor of miniatures for board games, RPG or collection.

This project is a continuation of the campaign presented and funded last year "HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu mythos ,great old ones idols" and Is a personal project as a tribute to the writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft .

As promised at the end of the first campaign, this year I would return with new great old ones,so I'm very happy to share with you this second campaign "HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu mythos ,the great old ones II " with four news great old ones : Tsathoggua , Nyarlathotep ,Azathothand Itaqua the Wendigo ,along with new miniatures to accompany the new idols.

The great old ones of this campaign are produced in high quality resin and retain all the details of the original greens, perfect for painting and use in RPG or collecting and in pewter metal for miniatures in 30mm.

This campaign is also included the miniature HP Lovecraft in pewter metal and the great old ones Cthulhu ,Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath in resin,If you could not request in the previous campaign

All the miniatures presented in this campaign are sculpted by me ,I hope you like it and enjoy this campaign :)

all the best my friends


The miniature of HP Lovecraft in 30mm size produced in pewter metal ,includes round base (30mm diameter) personalized with the name and the date 1890-1937 in back  


 Cthulhu in resin, piece size is 80mm high (example painted by Ignasi Tor Prunell


Yog-Sothoth resin, the size of the piece is 90mm high (Example of painted by Ignasi Tor Prunell



 Tsathoggua to produce in resin, with a size of 75mm high. (Image of the original sculpture modeled in green putty) 


 Nyarlathotep to produce in resin, the size of the piece is 110mm high, has inserted between the Nyar legs in human form (Image of the original sculpture modeled in green putty) 


 Azathoth multi-component figure to produce in resin and some parts like arms and horns in metal, has a size of 170mm high. (Image of the original sculpture modeled in green putty) 


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The project owner has shipped all of the rewards, they're slithering in from Spain so should arrive in the UK in the next day or two, the U.S. in a week or two

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