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Missing Data Card(s)

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When I put "Incubus" into the Datacard Search, I get a return for "14434 - Incubus/Succubus Warrior."


Given that, I'd say those two models share the same profile.


Yeah, in the book they are listed together in the fluff blurb as well as the card entry.

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    • By Sophie was taken
      Another older sculpt I wanted to knock out real quick, this was maybe three hours’ work (not counting stepping away to let paint dry, etc.). To be honest, it looked amazing when everything was just a basecoat, it’s the parts after that that throw me. Anyway, Sirithis (links for nudity):
      Still haven’t found a nipple color that works. The search continues. Comments and critiques welcome.
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      So - my next small project - I cannot keep with just one ... errrr.
      After having a small but nice talk with @SGHawkins09 and being sent home by the doc to cure a sickness I recently picked up, I had to decide what to do next.
      As all those wonderful and enthusiatic responses to my previous projects (I mean it - I never had so much response in such a short time) made it near to impossible to just sign off from the forums and disappear into the wilderness, I agreed to take on a different plan.
      I just grabbed into my miniature box and took some figures to paint them and get them done. And then it struck me: I am at the Reaper Forums yet I missed to paint a Reaper miniature.
      So I picked out ... errr - let me see ... Troll Slayer Sophie! Yay! - hey! Hooooraaay! Who the heck is Troll Slayer Sophie and when did I buy her?
      It seems I already started to paint her, but then decided otherwise, stripped *chuckles* her and put her away. Hm. Good point to start her all over again.


      As I chose her to be the figure I wanted to paint next I had to think about the color scheme I wanted to use.
      Well. I had no idea. I never really cared about fantasy style, so it never meant anything to me. The things I know about are modern or sci fi. I played a lot of Warhammer40k back in the days. I even wrote fanfiction stories which included the Imperial Guard and the Sisters of Battle ...
      ... Sisters of Battle ...

      hm. that could make a great colour scheme. Works well with the flesh tones and still contrasts it. And as Sophie is a demon, the demon/witch hunter theme fits her rather perfectly.
      I'll take it!
      Well then - primed her and started painting.


      But I am not sure - do I want to give her skin the grim dark appearance of an Adepta or a more Succubi-like appearance like ... this one:
    • By Grayfax
      Beginning my theorizing for ReaperCon.  I originally liked the Incubus and was heading toward making it primarily focus around him but was having trouble finding something to work with other than just landing on something.  Then I figured he could be in a duel with another winged being.  Then I got to the point where I was thinking the Darkspawn Succubus might make for a good opponent for our teenage boy... so I ordered them.
      So I could discuss this with my mentor, I took some approximate photos for a discussion point:

      And by the time my lesson rolled around, I was thinking I could call it something like:

      We talked about how to work around this and I have a better understanding of where and why I can and should do some things.  And ways to show what I am trying to convey more clearly.  This was very very helpful.  As I get into dealing with the figures and bringing this to life, I'll try to show what we talked about and why I am doing them.  
      Let the countdown begin!  187 Days till ReaperCon...
    • By Grayfax
      Looking at the 06180 Darkspawn Imps for a project (I know, I have too many already, but have you seen my House?!?)... but have a question and no one seems to have really painted or mentioned them, or else I'm searching poorly.   Surely, somewhere, someone has bought these.  Mostly I just want to know if there are only 2 variations in this pack of 8 or if those two in the photo are just a sampling and there is more variety.  $39.99 is more than I want to risk at this time as I'm not actually trying to field an army and need variety.  
      The good one (14365 Darkspawn Imp) is a solo, but I would like 3-5 Imps if they are different.  If there are only the two sculpts with 4 of each of them, then I'm probably going to just get the single Imp and work something else out.  Anyone know one way or the other?  
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