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FS31 - Magic Fountain, Vintage Citadel miniatures

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Hi All,


Here's a very old Citadel mini from my collection - FS31 Magic Fountain.


I did this as kind of an exercise in creating a verdigris effect on the spouting beasties, which I'm quite happy with. There is some Vallejo "Still Water" in the base of the fountain but it's hard to see in the pics.








Comments are always welcome, thanks for looking!


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I love the tarnished effect. How did you do it?




I used Citadel paints (other brands are available ::):), the creatures were first painted to look like copper/bronze with Screaming Bell (base) > Agrax Earthshade (wash) > Hashut Copper (drybrush) > Sycorax Bronze (lighter drybrush).


Then, I mixed up 2 parts Sybarite Green to 1 part Lothern Blue with a touch of white to lighten it slightly. I watered this mix down a fair bit to make sure it flowed easily (about 3:1 water to paint). I then applied this carefully to the areas that I thought would remain the dampest over time - the deepest recesses & dribble areas under all the spouts etc.


When dry, I gave it a final light drybrush of Sycorax Bronze again just to pick out the extreme highlights.

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