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The Godsmouth Heresy

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"There's certainly something magical in the cabinet on the wall over there, but I'm not sure about other traps in the room.  The circle isn't dangerous right now, so we should be good.  Although with that much silver powder, I'd wager something horrible is near here.  Perhaps we should sweep some into a container of some sort?  Make our own magic circle if we need to?  Janalyth, could you check the cabinets for traps?  Something horrible nearby could indicate a need for them to be trapped" 


Perception  1d20+3= 1+3 = 4 (the dice roller is back!)  Searching for a container for the silver powder on the floor, it could come in handy, he'll not touch the cabinets until Janalyth clears them.


DM Rolls:  15 and 12

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Perception: 12+1=13


GM rolls: 2, 18


Assuming that he is given the all clear, Ma'alik will enter the room and approach the cabinets, taking care to avoid disturbing the circle. Once there he will stand guard over whomever examines the cabinets.

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Janalyth cautiously enters the room.  He finds no traps.  He and Ma'alik see at about the same time that the silver powder circle is incomplete.


Trying different drawers at the dresser finally turns up the source of magic:  a scroll had been misplaced and was wedged behind a drawer.  It is a scroll of remove paralysis.

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Sturgis will search for a vial or some sort of bag to hold the silver dust.  If he finds one, he'll sweep the dust into it.  If not, he'll leave the dust be.

Perception 1d20+3 = 14+3 = 17


"This room is full of interesting things, perhaps to protect against things in the other rooms, or perhaps against things that may try to come into this room.  We may not want to linger long." 


DM Rolls: 12 and 10

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Sturgis finds a small plain empty "cigar box" he could use to sweep up the silver powder.


It's worth 1 gp, but could be used for similar spells.

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Sturgis will collect the silver dust and seal it up as tightly as he can.  Once he has set up, he'll be ready to go wherever Ma'alik leads.

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    • By Darcstaar
      I love this figure.
      Not so much the bendy weapons, but I straightened them out.
      They have bent back a little (Sword).

      I did a WIP on him.  Thanks for the encouragement along the way.
      He is another for our Reign of Winter Adventure Path.  My DM said "Vikings."  Kord has that vibe for sure.

      I tried to paint the base like grass.
      The hardest part was the nmm on the axe, and trying to get the runes to show up on the sword.  It's a very irregular axe shape, so it was tough to figure out how to do it.
      My green stuff patch job on the wolf pelt was not the greatest, but it is decent enough camouflage.
      The second-hardest part of the figure to me was figuring out what parts of the pelt were what.  What is tail? What are legs?  I did my best.
      Overall, I'm pleased with him.  He seems like such a bad-a$$.
      As for the pics, iPhone seems to be good for far away, but really "blobby" for up close.  Maybe it is suffering from zoom.
      C&C Welcome.
    • By Darcstaar
      I am not above blatant copying if it will push my skills and teach me something.
      @Wren Your version of this was The Definitive version of this figure, in my mind.
      Her post is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72285-1596-joy-winter-fairy/&tab=comments#comment-1483083
      There have also been some other lovely versions of Joy.
      I am a character in a Reign of Winter campaign for Pathfinder.  The DM gave me a list of monsters we will fight, and a fairy type fey is in there, so I figured it would be a great excuse to paint my Joy.
      I haven't tried blue skin before.  That was the reason I wanted to copy Wren's version.
      Here are some pics.

      This is the first time I've used my iPhone for pics.  It does a good job getting close, but the white balance seems a little yellow.

      Someone had asked Wren about Reaper sparkle paints.
      I went ahead and tried some Sparkling Snow in the wing membranes, but it didn't show enough in hand.
      So, I glazed the wing membranes and her cheeks and her base with a very thin layer of Vallejo Model Color Metal Medium.
      You can't see it well in the pictures, but it is a nice effect in hand.

      I was least happy with the base.  I tried to sculpt snow overhanging her base with green stuff.  Just not the effect my mind's eye was seeking.
      I am most happy with her eyes and face.  I tried to glaze some pink and purple and sparkle into her face to warm it up and give her some pixie dust effect.
      Again, not showing up great in the photos, but I like the effect in hand.
      Her left eye I managed to get on the first try.  It really represents my best luck with an eye.  The Iris is a mix of Spectral Glow and Moth Green.  I remembered Wren's Joy having greenish eyes, but thought they looked otherwise human, so I painted these that way.  Then I reviewed Wren's Joy, and her eyes looked otherworldly.  
      You can see, I had a "Dicken's" of a time trying to get the right eye to match the left.  I never could, but after 10 tries, this is the best I could do.
      At arm's length, it looks fine.
      For anyone interested, paint recipes are spoilered here:
      Overall, I'm very pleased with it.
      I hope I did the original inspiration justice.
    • By ChanSeal
      This was an impulse buy for me 'cause I don't play Pathfinder, but the Reaper range has a lot of really cool mini's.
      From what I understand, the Scribbler is an incarnation or possessed by an ancient evil God, so I gave him some "psycho" eyes (ie Iris only touching the lower part of the eyeball).
      Tried to make a desert base, but put far too much grass on it.
      Thanks for looking.

    • By NyarlaBcn
      Here the second of my august bunch: Reaper's 60161 "Ilnerik Sinvanshin", a vampire from Pathfinder setting. 
      On my setting, though, he's Faude Carfilhiot, a perfect homunculus created by the archalchemist Pandelume. A wizard, alchemist, dangerous figure with a taste for cruelty. 
      Here, yet again, I used that frightening black & white palette, with - I think - moderate success: I could still have been a bit smoother on the black highlights. It's a very delicate figure, small details everywhere, lots of texture changes on the clothing. I tried (again) to convey an albino look. I cut off the metal strip to use that resin mosaic textured base, which I painted with the same black & white palette. 

    • By Darcstaar
      Authors: Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Mark Seifter
      Based on the Playtest Version of the Pathfinder 2.0 Rules
      Compliant with the Open Game License 1.0a.
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