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The Godsmouth Heresy

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Ma'alik waits for Sturgis to call forth the light of Sarenrae.  "Shall we proceed?"  When his companions signal their consent, he sets his shield, draws his scimitar, and twists and shrugs his torso to settle his armor.  He then leads the way down the stairwell. (unless Janalyth desires to lead the way).


Edit: Extra rolls



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For the time being he was happy to let Ma'alik lead the way down, while he followed along in silence, keeping watch an ear out for trouble below. His longbow in hand and ready, though he didn't bother putting an arrow to the string yet, preferring to keep at least one hand free for now

taking 10 on the check on the door for a 17 to learn if I can open it from this side



extra rolls



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Sillilial looks blankly at the door, obviously trying to figure out what just happened, then seeing the party is about to move out dreamily follows in there wake continuing a whispered conversation to no one in particular.

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You make it half way down the stairs when everything goes dark.


The light spell is not functioning in here now.


Janalyth, roll for initiative for the group.


Anyone with Darkvision will see normally.

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As the light spell vanished without warning he moved to the side of the stairs, and knowing he wouldn't be able to hit anything with his bow if he couldn't see it, he slung it over his shoulder and placed a hand on the hilt of his sword. hissing out a direction to be quiet as he strained his ears to hear something (yes that is my first combat action, fit in wherever if/when we lose init and get ambushed)

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Monster initiative is 21.


Those of you with Darkvision see a disgusting squid like stalactite drop from the ceiling to attack Ma'alik.

Based on its trajectory, it seems to have rudimentary flight.


It tries to slam its body into Ma'alik, but misses.

(4+3 = 7) it will land in front of Ma'alik.


Janalyth is next. He shoulders his bow and prepares to draw steel. (OOC do you draw your sword?)


Silillial is next.



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(OOC yes. Sheathing a weapon is a move action, shouldering your bow should be the same. Drawing a weapon is a move action unless you are moving and have BAB + 1, then you can do it with movement).

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Once he is able to act, Sturgis will go to a full defense, using the wall as a back so heis not attacked from that side.

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Ma'alik swings his scimitar ahead of him, figuring that that is the only open area the creature, whatever it is, could be in.


Attack: (d20)9+5=14 (50% miss chance; I'll let the DM roll)

Damage: (d6)5+4=9


"Some light would be greatly appreciated!"

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Sillilial starts a complex casting using words of power.


Ma'alik swings his scimitar in a wide arc in front of him, but fails to hit anything.


Sturgis backs himself up against the stair railing, in an area as close to the wall as he can get, trying to protect himself however he can.

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Round two starts with the enemy taking another swipe at Ma'alik. It manages to wrap a tentacle around his arm, doing 2 points of damage, and trying to GRAB Ma'alik, but Ma'alik uses all of his might to break free of the tentacles grasp before it could CONSTRICT him.


It then flies up and latches onto the ceiling.


Janalyth is up

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"we could really use some light in here" He called out as he drew a dagger in his off hand and tried to work his way to the front of the group in the dark.

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