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The Godsmouth Heresy

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The skeleton moves to the M square on option 2.  Janalyth is now immediately west of it and in range for melee.  Janalyth's readied attack can now go off.  It didn't notice you, so you can make a sneak attack.

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Janalyth misses, his attack bouncing harmlessly off the Skeleton's impressive looking armor.


The skeleton stabs at Ma'alik with its ranseur, trying to add some extra force behind the blow. (Reach, power attack).




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Greyson is behind Ma'alik, so the -4 for Cover would apply, and since Janalyth is in melee with it, the -4 for ranged into melee would apply.

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Ma'alik steps forward (5ft step) and lashed out at the skeletal champion with the holy power of  Sarenrae suffusing his blade.


To hit:  12+5 -1(power attack)+3(smite)= 19

Damage:6+6(power attack)+2(smite)= 14 bypasses DR


AC vs Skeletal Champion is now 21 due to smite.

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As awesome of an attack as that was, Ma'alik's attempt to add extra force to the blow was JUST ENOUGH to reduce his precision of the strike, such that he couldn't find a gap in the Skeletal Champion's Half Plate armor.


Sturgis is up.

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Sturgis will step up and cast burning hands defensively.


Concentration check:  19+1 = 20 (definitely made it thank you d20 Dice Bag!)


1d4 Fire Damage:  3 damage dc 14 reflex save for half. 


"Have at thee, foul creature!  We had no quarrel, and would have otherwise left you in peace!"


Sturgis will angle the gone so that it goes towards the wall, it will scorch the heck out of the wall and probably give a nice warm sensation to Janalyth, but not actually touch him.  It will be an L-shaped cone not the V-shaped cone to avoid the party.

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The way you are positioned to cast this is directly adjacent to the skeleton at its SW corner.  Because he is using a reach weapon, and you only need a 5 foot step to get there, your movement doesn't provoke, and your spellcasting provokes but he couldn't execute an AOO on you since you are within 5ft range and he has that reach weapon.


But, wanting to take no chances, you successfully cast defensively.


The skeleton failed its save, 12+1=13.


It takes all 3 fire damage.


It has now taken 10 points.

It is still active.


On its turn, it is getting frustrated at the dishonor your party shows it by not engaging it in single combat.  It takes a 5ft step backward.  It then tries power attack again at Ma'alik... and rolled a 4.  That's a miss.


Janalyth is up!

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