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The Godsmouth Heresy

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"we had a strange lock, and now perhaps a strange key to open it" He said studying the object in his hands a few moments before placing it carefully in his belt pouch
(9+7=16 perception 2+7=9 know arcana)

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Perception 1d20+3 = 10+3 =13


If possible, Sturgis will be scanning for any dangers he can see that they may face deeper in this place, although something tells me we're about to meet one.


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No one’s perception is good enough to see this thing while it is hiding in the wall.


After 7 rounds, this thing glides out of its hiding space in the wall.




Greyson recognizes it as a construct called a Rune Guardian of Wrath.  It has a primary fire attack, as hinted by the art.  It is Tiny.  It flies.  It has minor spell resistance.  Because it is powered by Sin Magic (Wrath), it is vulnerable to opposition schools: Abjuration and Conjuration.


Roll initiative.

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I think this thread was group initiative, so it keys on Janalyth.


Janalyth 15




Rune Guardian 3+6=9


The Rune Guardian slides out of the wall floating in the square west of the 1 in 13.

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wishing he had a club or something else to better batter it out of the sky, Jan takes a swing at it with his sword, missing wildly (2+2=4) 

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Grayson launches a force missile at the Rune Guardian. SR check (d20)16+1=17. If  damaged (d4)4+1=5. Then Grayson moves away from the creature as space allows.

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If Sturgis is close enough to begin with, he will draw his heavy mace and take a swing.


1d20 + 2 = 3+2 = 5  (Nevermind). 

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Ready to get going again!  Sorry for the delay.



Greyson does get through the SR, so the guardian takes the damage.

It tries to cast on the defensive:
8+4 = 12: Fail

It takes a 5 foot step to A7.


Top of initiative!

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    • By Darcstaar
      I don't get to be a player as much as a DM.
      So, when I do get to play, I want to spend a little extra effort on my figure for my own PC.
      This is the situation for this Goldar.
      He is a half-orc fire specialized sorcerer, so he get's to use a Greataxe and plays a little like a one-trick pony with his fire spells.
      I envisioned him as very gray skinned.
      I tried to accomplish a green shadow blending up to gray highlights.  I mixed MSP Stone Gray and Highland Moss, then highlighting with Weathered Stone.
      I think it just ended up as a pale green, but it is still interesting.  There were glazes of GW green and red washes in the shadows.  I think it would make a good zombie or ghoul flesh recipe.  I tried to give a little life to his face with a few layers of thinned flesh glaze on the nose and cheeks, but it doesn't really show in the photos.  His face was a tad miscast, with a flat nose and odd right cheek.
      The backstory of the character describes ritual branding and tattoos all over his body.  I thought that would end up taking the figure toward a Goliath, so I avoided it.  Instead, I put a little flame on his shoulder pad.  I wanted to read as raised embossed metal, but I think it just looks like a decal.
      As I thought of ways to add detail, I decided to put runes on his skirt.  My go-to for runes are the variant of FUTHARK used in the Ultima games.
      In this case, Vas Flam, which was the recipe for the fireball spell!  I liked it enough, I put it on the axe.  I can imagine a smart sorcerer would figure out a way to turn his skirt into a scroll.  I'll see if my DM will let me do it ;)
      I had to re-do the armored legs and axe nmm a few times.  The first time I tried the Twilight Blue triad, and didn't like it.  Then I tried the Stone Gray triad, and worried it was too close to his skin.  So I ended up mixing White and Black into Cloudy Gray.  It ended up a little rushed.  The scratches are all just painted on, a decision I made at the last minute (I tend to hate risking botching up a paint job that I'm happy with, and getting the metals to that point were almost enough deterrent to do it).
      Without further ado, here is my take on Goldar.
      C&C Welcomed.

    • By Darcstaar
      This figure is a great load off my Shelf of Shame.
      I wanted to complete it for my friend's 40th birthday, as he was supposed to come back to town for a surprise party.  I never finished it, since he changed his plans and there was no party.  He and I go back to 7th grade, and have gamed together on-and-off for the better part of 25 years.  I've gone back to complete this figure after about a 3 year hiatus.  He is my first real attempt at an NMM weapon and armor.  The challenge with the sword was the spine of the sword is soft not crisp, so getting a straight line was tough.
      I asked my friend what his favorite type of character was to play.  His answer: Sword and Board fighter.
      I wanted the figure to resemble my friend: Very pale Caucasian, very light blond short hair.  Also, I wanted our high school colors to figure into the paint scheme: Green and White.
      I also like to find old gems from the Reaper store that need some love and new life breathed into them!  Ashlan definitely fits the bill.
      So, I present Ashlan Fellthrush, Heroic Paladin.

      I had dreams at one point of making the suitable looking parts of the sword and tabard-trim into green gems, but gave up on that to get him DONE!.

      Part of the reason I gave up on this figure for so long was my failure to realize my ambitious goal to paint a freehand gold NMM device on the back to match the one sculpted on the front.  The back felt like it needed something.  I tried a white dragon for a while, like the shield, but didn't like it.  So I repainted the back and tried this gold device.  It came out "good enough" after about the third try, so I moved on.

      Overall, I'm very pleased with Ashlan.  In know my friend will enjoy it.  He's triple-sealed for gaming goodness.
      Now, I just have to pack him up for a safe trip to Seattle.
      Thanks for reading.
      C&C Welcome.
    • By Darcstaar
      I've been wanting to paint these rat swarms since I got my Bones I shipment.
      However, the base was cut into this jagged shape, so I always delayed painting them as I waited on basing them.
      Finally, I decided to base some with a good heapin' helpin' of sand.  The other two got green stuff treatment to try to blend the base that way.
      One was wood planks, and the other was flagstones.
      I tried to emphasize fur/hair in the painting.
      I totally "phoned it in" on the tails, noses and claws.
      I really didn't want to over-spend time on these guys.
      Sorry, I realize I didn't give you a good shot of the skull they are swarming over.
      C&C Welcomed.


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