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The Godsmouth Heresy

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"we had a strange lock, and now perhaps a strange key to open it" He said studying the object in his hands a few moments before placing it carefully in his belt pouch
(9+7=16 perception 2+7=9 know arcana)

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Perception 1d20+3 = 10+3 =13


If possible, Sturgis will be scanning for any dangers he can see that they may face deeper in this place, although something tells me we're about to meet one.


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No one’s perception is good enough to see this thing while it is hiding in the wall.


After 7 rounds, this thing glides out of its hiding space in the wall.




Greyson recognizes it as a construct called a Rune Guardian of Wrath.  It has a primary fire attack, as hinted by the art.  It is Tiny.  It flies.  It has minor spell resistance.  Because it is powered by Sin Magic (Wrath), it is vulnerable to opposition schools: Abjuration and Conjuration.


Roll initiative.

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I think this thread was group initiative, so it keys on Janalyth.


Janalyth 15




Rune Guardian 3+6=9


The Rune Guardian slides out of the wall floating in the square west of the 1 in 13.

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wishing he had a club or something else to better batter it out of the sky, Jan takes a swing at it with his sword, missing wildly (2+2=4) 

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Grayson launches a force missile at the Rune Guardian. SR check (d20)16+1=17. If  damaged (d4)4+1=5. Then Grayson moves away from the creature as space allows.

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If Sturgis is close enough to begin with, he will draw his heavy mace and take a swing.


1d20 + 2 = 3+2 = 5  (Nevermind). 

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Ready to get going again!  Sorry for the delay.



Greyson does get through the SR, so the guardian takes the damage.

It tries to cast on the defensive:
8+4 = 12: Fail

It takes a 5 foot step to A7.


Top of initiative!

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