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    • By Lord_Ashenwyte
      Hey everyone,
      Having spent the last 4 weeks away from any sort of miniatures (Fun vacation tho!), I'm super eager to paint again, and with my return flight being tomorrow, I thought I'd make this thread as a sort of documentation/to-do list. I want to clear my backlog because I'll be frank I'm sick of staring at unpainted plastic every day and I want to do something remotely productive in these remaining four weeks I have free. I have mostly Warhammer miniatures, though there is some Mantic and Reaper stuff in there. 
      First of all to be done is this charming fellow. 

      A Stormcast chap who I first tested sculpting fur on, which I'm reasonably happy with. A closer look at the fur, which does look like guacamole in this picture.

      Right now it's a standard basecoat and drybrush fur, but I will re-doing the fur and wet blend it to something like what this fellow has.
      Have a nice day! 
    • By sumbloke
      Sounds like an interesting paint mixer. Not sure I'd get it myself, but some people on this forum might be interested...
    • By SamuraiJack
      Want to upgrade your game storage from merely functional to multi-functional? From bearable to beautiful? From disposable to indispensable? 
      That's why we designed the Cabinet Game Table!
      It’s a Game Cabinet
      The storage is specifically for games. Shelves designed to hold game boxes on their edge for easier access. Six smaller drawers for dice, cards, and other accessories. A bookshelf for game books (such as RPGs) up to 11” tall—with extra depth so the spines are protected in the interior. Two larger drawers for anything too big for the smaller ones. And double doors on the bottom open to large storage spaces for bigger games.  
      It’s a Table
      The leaves of the table stow away on the sides of the cabinet. The trim on the front converts to the legs and a support stretcher between them for maximum support and stability. Simply connect the leaves, attach the legs, and fasten to the Cabinet to transform it to a three person table.
      It’s a Game Table
      And when you want to play a game, the top is reversible. The flip side has a one inch lip to keep dice and game pieces on the table. The 29.75” x 40.5” fabric–lined play area has enough room to handle a 24” x 36” game board with space to spare.
      A few seconds of your time could make the difference in growing support for our community. Help unlock Social Media stretch goals by sharing and using #cabinet #gametable! See Stretch Goals, below, for more information.
      $3099 YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table
      One Cabinet Game Table stained with the finish you want and upholstered with the fabric you want (from our selection of Options, see below). See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199.
      $2999 CHERRY + BLUE Cabinet Game Table
      Our most popular combination for game tables is Cherry finish and Dark Blue fabric, and we predict it'll be the same for Cabinet Game Table orders! That's why we're offering this package at an additional discount. This reward level is for one Cabinet Game Table in Cherry and Dark Blue. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199.
      $2999 EARLY BIRD YOUR CHOICE Cabinet Game Table
      Shop early and save! The first ten backers can choose their finish and fabric (from our selection of Options, see below) at a discounted rate. See Delivery below. Retail price after the Kickstarter is $3199.
      $25 Carolina Game Tables Coasters!
      We appreciate your willingness to help our campaign! Pledges at this reward level receive a set of 6 leather coasters imprinted with our logo. Kickstarter will prompt you to add shipping before confirming your pledge. 
      $2 Stay Connected!
      Pledge at this level to stay updated, then please share the Kickstarter using the links above! We have a Social Media stretch goal (see Stretch Goals below) which should get you a little something as thanks!
    • By SamuraiJack
      Double Dice Storage/Rolling Trays, Bit Boxes, Minature Storage, Card Storage for 3600 Double Sleeved Cards, Game Accessories, Mix/Match
      About this project
      About this project
      Hey there guys and gals!  Roger here again to talk to you a bit about your personal storage needs for all of your games and components.  What I've come up with this time around is a series of hardwood boxes in several sizes, with a variety of uses (Not just for cards this time!  Ok, a couple of them are!).  I'll get into the specifics of each box further down the page.  But first, I just wanted to thank you for checking out my Kickstarter!  Take a moment and appreciate the fact that you are awesome!
      As some of you already know, and the rest will find out now....I'm pretty new to the online world for woodworking.  Not that I'm new to being online, I mean I still remember dialing in to old BBS's on local phone lines with my 2400baud modem and my 386DX266 (Awesome at the time PC).  But I've never actually put my work online beyond a simple FB page until now.  However, in recent years, I've noticed my back starting to fail on occasion.  Which, for a construction guy, signals the end of the line.  I can't count on my game store to cover my bills (It's a game store after all.).  I had to find something else to do.  So, I opened my woodworking shop and have been pushing it mostly online. I specialize in game related items.  
      I've also started a YouTube channel and stream there almost daily. 
      These 2 tools (Band Saw & Drum Sander) will help me increase productivity and reduce prices.  
      This cute little box will make sure you always have a place for all of those tiny little bits that keep getting misplaced! And at only $25 for Standard woods or $40 for premium woods, it won't break the bank to look good!  
      Here are the bands I ordered to keep your bit box closed. The color you receive will be random unless you message me directly and request a specific color.  
      The Dice Tray to keep all of your lucky dice in! It even splits so you can share with a friend. $35 for standard woods and only $60 for premium woods.
    • By DocPiske
      I haven't seen this posted anywhere else on the boards and did not find anything by searching, but RealmSmith has posted an interview from GAMA on YouTube with Ron and Ed. If this has already been posted, please feel free to nuke this post with extreme prejudice. As YouTube is a commercial site, no link but searching RealmSmith and Reaper will get you there.
      Here are my notes:
      Pathfinder Paints (!) - 56 new colors, Golarian specific colors, ETA October.
      Learn to Paint kit expansions, 6 additional colors each and instructions, 4 expansion sets, ETA June or July.
      Pathfinder Learn to Paint kit being worked on.
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