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Great preamble!


Also, that thing is gorgeous!  Love the scales and the transitions from violet to blue, and especially the gold...and the sword...AND the wings...and the base is cool too.  Eesh, excellent work, friend!


Ed:  AND the eyes!

Edited by BLZeebub

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That's a gorgeous paint job on an awesome sculpt. You are right about this being a really nice GW dragon although the belly wings are interesting

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Great paintjob!


Love the star pattern on the wings.


As for the sculpt the positioning of the wings is a bit odd IMHO.

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To be honest, I was not a fan of the AOS models in general when they first came out, but I've warmed up to a lot of the newer stuff.  Your painting on the model is really wonderful, though I'm not a fan of all the armor on the dragon.

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One odd thing about this mini is that the wings have two poses- there are four "shoulder" bits for them to connect with.  However, the change is so slight, that I couldn't tell which one I used after putting it together...


The head options were great, though.  The closed mouth head really does change the way it looks.

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First thing out of my mouth once the page loaded.


Fantastic work on everything but I love the colors on the head.

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