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Cold Temp Stress Test of SWM Paints

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Last week I ordered all of the acrylic paints and washes from Secret Weapon. First, the bag of crap quality is great, several of the pieces I can't tell what's wrong with them and the orange shirt is the perfect color. 


I'm disappointed in the early morning USPS delivery person. They left the package on an obviously unused side door (it's barred and blocked) yesterday morning at 6:30AM. I happen to walk by it today and saw the package at 6PM nearly 36 hours outside in sub-freezing temps, the temp range was 16-36F. Tomorrow or Thurs I'll do a test strip of each paint and see how it goes.


Any signs of ruination I should look for, subtle or obvious?

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While I've never have had to deal with cold/frozen paint before I think separation perhaps or maybe chunkiness of paint?


(side note: 630 am? Wow we are lucky if we get the mail at 3 pm & that is without the holidays or snow/weather delays.......)

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I'd be on the look out for clumpy or gritty pigment. If you don't have that then they ate probably fine. I have had acrylics hobby paint sit in my mailbox in -20 to -30 Fahrenheit without residual signs of ruination.

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My MSPs that got that treatment, separated and refused to mix back together for more than a few minutes.  They didn't stick well either.  I had to throw them away.

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I have bought some Vallejo paints that Probably had been frozen at some point before I got them.

Look for parts of the paint going lumpy, gooey or rubbery.

The paint refusing to mix properly.

Competely wrong colour

Nothing coming out the spout even under high squeeze.

Bad colour coverage / paint falling off the mini.

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Ok, so life got in the way but I did get around to testing a some of the washes and acrylics. So far all of the washes and acrylics showed no signs of ruination. Now we know that SWM paints and washes can survive overnight down to 16 degrees after being outside in hovering at 32 degrees. Wouldn't recommend it but seems to be fine. For those wondering the paints were not wrapped in any insulation material or paper just loose in the box with one of those large air bubble things on top.

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