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Pathfinder: The Dragon's Demand

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Ok Here is the updated first post for this one.


Looking for 4 or 5 people for The Dragon's Demand play by post here on the forums.


Characters will be generated using the following:





Core Book: All

Advance Race Book: Aasimar, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Tengu, & Tiefling, Changeling, Grippli, Kitsune, Suli, Vanara



Core Book, Advanced Player's, Advanced Class, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic & Occult Adventures


Alignment: No evil alignments. CN ok.


Ultimate Equipment



Roll 4D6 drop your lowest


Starting Gold: Average of class

Starting HPs: Max + whatever your CON gives you.


If there are any questions just post to here.



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I really want to play a wizard, I usually play a fighter either a human or dwarf, so I want to try some thing new. I will have to look and see though. I could go cleric. I will see what the party needs. 

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I made a list.....in no particular order


   War Priest

   Foe Hammer

   Forge Master

   Stone Lord



       Bloodline: Arcane/ Draconic (Brass)/ Elemental (Fire)/ Undead -------Obviosly I would have to pick one. 



I will narrow down the list.  As I am the only one replying to this thread I am in no hurry. 

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Aasimar are allowed. I have no problem with em.


When I get back from Rogue One I'll update the first post in regards to what & how characters are.

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Since I'm not currently playing anything I'd be interested at trying my hand at a pbp once again.


However, I haven't played PF in years and am in general rusty on 3.X.  I promise something un-optimized.


EDIT: I see many advanced books listed on the internet.  I guess I'll wait to see what's allowed before I dream up some kind of crazy combo.


EDIT II: Too late, found a mechanic that looks fun. 


MOAR EDITS: OK, I'll throw out an idea to get shot down in the soon to be updated first post.  As we established in the Bones IV thread, I am strange because I like to play something different every time I play an RPG.  So I took the core book book out and tossed it.  Then I picked it back up because I'm sure it still has some useful feats and rules in it.  I'm not feeling spells... so I went looking for something else.  Thus I ran across the "grit" class feature which reminded me of the old AD&D Red Steel panache points, but not quite as fun since grit looks entirely combat focused.  Sadly, many people do not like to mix pulp into their fantasy and I considered this class a lost cause until I found an archetype with crossbows in the SRD.  No need for guns if that is an issue for you.  So what do you say to gunslingers (or crossbowslingers)


Also tiefling because aasimar.  I actually don't know PF stats and fluff, so this may not be a good idea, but it would have been fun in 2E. :)

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Did you ever find an online roller that you liked or is it all honor system? 


I had to think really hard to remember where my dice ended up after the move.  Now for Murphy to attack.


Edit: alternate racial traits?

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Alignment updated on 1st post.


Honor system for rolling. I figure if you gotta fib your rolls, then you've got other problems that I can't solve  :wacko:


Alt race traits are fine.

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I ended up with a 22 point equivalent stat line, which seems fair.


Anyway a task for you old PF masters.  I've been refamiliarizing myself with the core feats as well as those from the gunslinger book.  I've made a list of what seems useful, but I may be missing something obvious here.  Are there any useful low level ranged feats I've missed?


Gunsmithing (bonus)

Rapid Reload (bonus)

Point blank shot – prerequisite feat

Precise shot – I'm sure I'll be shooting into melee...

Rapid shot – Moar shooting

Weapon focus – prerequisite feat

Snap shot – about as far as I can take the tree I think

Deadly Aim – ranged power attack


Won't make it far enough...

Improved snap shot

Signature deed

Clustered Shots

Hammer the Gap


I had another question in mind when I first started typing this...

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I have a question, "Can we use stuff from the player's guides for the various Adventure paths?"

for example for some reason I have a thing for the Curse of the Crimson Throne, despite never playing in it. I made a character from the player's guide once and would like to so again, if that is an option. 


Another question. How accurate is the Pathfinder Wiki?? 

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