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Purple unicorn vignette

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Okay, this is a WIP of the making of the vignette, not the entire paint process.  This is my first post here, so bear with me if I have to modify stuff.  If the descriptions come out by the right photos the first time, I'll be pleasantly surprised :-)  The post is going to be photo heavy, so I reduced the size of all of them.  Hopefully it won't be too bloated.


#1 The 99% mostly finished unicorn. -- EDIT -- grabbed the wrong photo, this one also lacks the mane & tail highlighting.  If I add the corrected photo it will screw up the order.  Whoops :-)


#2  I "built" this tree using things from the yard.  I couldn't find one exactly the way I wanted, so I cut and glued in pieces until I had what I wanted.


#3  A spray primered piece of floor tile for the base, with a framework for the hill I wanted.  The hill bit is the cardboard from the middle of one of those drink carrier things, Gorilla glued onto the base.  I used Gorilla glue rather than one of the other kinds for enhanced sturdiness throughout.


#4  I didn't want too much green or too much brown for my ground cover, so I mixed some static grass with old coffee grounds.


#5  Putty time!


#6  The oil slick, aka black primer so I'd have a steady color under my grass.


#7  Some steps along the way getting my ground cover in.


#8  I covered up the unicorn because for the last step I wanted an extremely light dusting representing the first snow of the year, but I didn't want any on him.



 *** edit  ***  Have to do a second post with the finished product, ran out of allowable photos.  Also I didn't get the steps above each photo, but I think ya'll can figure it out.












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#9  The finished product.  Last 1% of the unicorn was darkening the eyes and brightening the hooves.








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I love the Unicorn, the base is well done.


I do think the base is rather large for just the Unicorn, are you adding something else?


maybe a little familiar/animal?

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No, it's done as is.  I really thought about adding another animal, maybe a small squirrel at the base of the tree, but decided I wanted the unicorn to be the focal point.  Your comment is valid, and had I made this as some sort of contest entry I would have added more to it.  For this, I wanted it to look a bit wide open.  It's supposed to represent the very beginning of winter, just a few flakes of the first snow.  It's not supposed to look "dead" per se, but not something full of lively animals.  The base IS much larger than something I would normally make, but this is for display on a shelf or end table and I wanted it to be heavy enough it wouldn't knock around easily.

Thanks for the C&C!

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Good work!


And the step by step makes perfect sense, BTW.

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Very nice!

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