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Thanks for the remarks I-Thumb.  I saw the Adventuring Kids set and thought, "Oooh, I gotta have 'em"; so I wrote the young apprentice story line back in the first game report.


The Familiar spell doesn't require models but it makes for a good excuse to place the figures on the table.



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      Hi, this is project of my friend, she is a talented artist.
      I`ll be glad for your help to make this project to life.

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      Inspired by this post by Darsc Zacal, I'm starting a new game, "What Mini Am I Anyway?" Anyone can participate.
      The idea seems to be to see if you can identify a miniature from its silhouette and possibly some clues.  Thematic groups are not required, but can add to the fun.
      This is the image that spurred the idea:

      Clues:  This is a party of PCs in a game loosely (very loosely) based on White Wolf's World of Darkness.  Two figures are from Reaper; I mentioned the sources of two of the other figures on these forums last month.  One figure has been modified by the removal of a weapon.
      Players are encouraged to identify the figures by company, name (if any) and SKU number (if any).  Prizes are, um, the respect of your awesome detectoring skills and "Likes".
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      I wasn't sure what the GM was going to run last night, so I just grabbed everything I painted last year.  Sorry for the bad phone photos. 
      In the scenario, 5 of us return from a weekend camping trip to find the base invaded.  The pink rectangles represent helicopters.  We cleared the table with hand weapons and judicious use of twerking. :D

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      This Kickstarter is to get the rules and other non-miniature components of Broken Contract into physical print form, with new miniatures as stretch goals.   I backed the 1st Kickstarter for the miniatures and they are excellent sculpts and casts, they are also in the add-on section as well as the 2 player starter set pledge, which also contains the 5 KSE minis from the 1st Kickstarter.   Kickstarter link:   Guerrilla Miniature Games play through:  

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