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I've got a couple things left to do on Yephima and she's done. I picked up Kahnjira today and started that back up. SoB work is still at a stand still. Need to finish Kahnjira before I even think about picking up DDS2 but I've already thought about it so I'm stepping things up to get Khanjira done, hopefully before Valentine's Day.


Edit to add: I've now made a WIP thread for Khanjira to hopefully keep me on track. 



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My January goals are mostly items that I didn't finish in December:

  • Finish scenic base for exchange mini (in progress)
  • Inventory my Reaper metal minis so I can plan for 2017 ordering. 
  • Make Reaper metal wish list.
  • Expand my painting techniques though a combination of video watching and test minis.
  • Prep DDS2 terrain for painting.  I have craft paints to try out.


Halfway through the month...

  • Success!  Base is complete, pictures have been taken, and now it just needs to go in the mail.  Even with the postal holiday it should be in their hands by the end of the week.
  • Bonus goal - clean paint area.  Currently in progress.  I'm taking a break to post here.
  • Might start that tonight; maybe not.
  • Kinda have a wish list.  Spent too much on KD to really make many mini purchases in the near future.
  • Have watched a few videos in my spare time.  Did a few test strokes on my exchange mini. 
  • Opened my DDS2 box and took out the terrain.  It's a little warped so I'll need to straighten it before I get to painting.


EDIT: Have made good progress on a full inventory of everything except Bones.


Its close enough to the end that I can pretty well rate my successes.

  • Still a success.  Exchange completed.
  • Bonus goal - eh.... its cleaner than it was.
  • Inventory completed for non Bones minis.  I actually have fewer than I thought.
  • My wish list had become "buy large minis in danger of being discontinued first."  Sort by price and done.  There are actually some I'm not interested in and some that I was are discontinued so...
  • Watched a little more.  I'm currently painting terrain and do not envision using advanced techniques on it.
  • I have started painting DDS2 and will continue over the weekend.  The liner revealed some more mold lines to be removed. 

In the end it was a pretty successful month.

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So mine was "Get my gaming/hobby area set up in my new house" and "Paint 1 mini".


Just got the first part done finally...




Counter height gaming table ~7.5ft long, where a pool table used to be so it's also surrounded by benches, with a nice light directly overhead.




View down the rest of the gaming/hobby side of the basement.




Board games, and my little Necromunda terrain that I need to get back to adding to.




Books, magazines and figures on the left (Bones 1 and 2 stored in the containers in the bottom left, sans anything larger than an ogre).

Hobby stuff on the right side. The storage is a bit haphazard right now.


Feels good to get all of that done. Now I can get back to hobby stuff!

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I forgot to make any plans... But I do have the tally of things that I painted this month :P

I painted:

15 Mantic GCPS marines

10 Mantic GCPS rangers

1 Privateer press Juggernaught extreme

2 Reaper bones bookshelves

1 Reaper bones table (but not the benches)

4 Reaper bones beds

1 Reaper Tess McFadden

1 Reaper Victorian Lady


for a total of 35 minis

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Never posted anything either.  Doh!  If I stay on track I'll have the last 7 of my Zombicide Fatties painted up, just in need of sealing for game play.

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Ravendas, that is a great looking gaming/hobby area! I am very jealous!


On my own hobby front I finished painting 4 minis this month. Happy with that!

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So far this month I've gotten some things done. I started on Yephima yesterday. I've got 3 non-resin Shadows of Brimstone minis left. I've yet to touch Khanjira, I've been trying to get the base adjusted so it stands without falling over, I'm thinking at this point I may have to put some weights underneath it to keep it upright. I haven't tested any primers on my resin heroes yet. I think I'm going to give them another wash and possibly a soak in some simple green before I try since they've been sitting around a while and have probably accumulated some dust. I'm hoping that the primer I have now will work and I won't have to go through a dozen different types before I find something that sticks.


Still haven't touched Kahnjira. Still have 3 plastic SoB minis to paint. I'm about 1/2-3/4 of the way done with Yephima (which I need to finish by Saturday.) Still haven't done anything with the resin minis either. 


I have now added DDS2 terrain and dragon to the to do pile. I will probably make that a priority for next month provided I actually finish Kahnjira anytime soon(roughly 3/4ths of the way finished). 



I've done quite a lot to Khanjira but I'm not close to being totally happy with it. I still have the 3 SoB minis to paint, I've got them packed away in my battlefoam bag instead of sitting in plain sight which is probably why I haven't started those. I finished Yephima! And again still haven't done anything with the resin minis.


Last night I sat down and brown linered the DDS2 dragon(which I'm sure has a name but it escapes me currently) and the base terrain it sits on. I plan to start that up today to kind of give me a break from Khanjira so I can hopefully get over my painter's block that is plaguing me currently.

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January goals?


Finish my wizard and apprentice for my new Frostgrave warband

Finish the 3 figures from the Learn To Paint Kit 2 

Finish Barbarian with teddy bear


6 minis in 1 month, all of them started (at least base coated with liner). I can do this...

5/6... not bad. 

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2017 Goals:

-Dwarven Forge terrain. Finish all of KS3, and put a serious dent in KS4.

-Myth board game. Completely paint the stuff from KS1, and put a dent in KS2.

-Cthulhu Wars. Paint the factions and gates, and put a dent in the other expansions.

-Reaper Bones. Paint at least one big model, and also a healthy dose of the rest.

-Deep Wars. Paint enough to field two factions on the table.

These goals are rather lofty. It will mean more painting than any other year. Wish me luck.

Made some serious progress on the first goal in January. If I can maintain roughly that pace, I will be happy.
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Another slow month...  


Dragon is almost done but hatchlings and base have barely been touched and dreadnought is still looking at me angrily for not having finished him.  


Need to find my mojo again...  

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Summarizing January, I completed the 15 skeletons as planned, but have not touched a brush since.  For many reasons, I put painting on hold and spent the rest of the month taking an inventory of all my miniatures and terrain pieces.  By month end, inventory was done and I had started sifting the data, looking for realistic ways to reduce the backlog.

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For January, I would like to get a couple more Frostgrave figures done by the 14th, for our new campaign, at least a new wizard and apprentice. They should be primed tonight. I also would like to finish another handful of science fiction figures (I've got six more primed, all various Bones), so that we can give Rogue Stars a proper try. If that isn't enough, I'd like to get some of the Dark Ages figures I want for Saga done.

And it turns out that what I actually got done was 8 Dark Ages figures; it wasn't a great month for painting. In fact I didn't get as far as spraying the fi al varnish coat until yesterday, but all the painting was done in January.

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I will finish The dragon and terrain parts on DDS2

I have the bad guys primed for my Legion of Justice and Caeke diorama. Paint the baddies and finish the diorama.

Well I didn't finish the dragon or terrain. I did finish the diorama and painted a tiny owlbear and almost finished a 1/350 scale Mercury 9 model kit. So I'm going to call January a success.

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On 1/1/2017 at 10:15 PM, Humansquish said:

Using this for my 2017 goals, which are the same goals from 2016.


1. Go to Reapercon and shoot for Gold medal.

2. Paint up Chaos Wars armies.

3. Paint more of my Darkspawn army.

4. Come up with a scheme for my Sisters army.

5. Finish 54mm Sophie.

6. Sculpt a dwarf.

7. Don't get frustrated when a model is in the butt stage.

My results for the previous year.


1. Wasn't able to go.

2. Didn't even primer em.

3. Finished 2 figures and worked on a couple more.

4. I think I have a scheme, now to put paint on a mini.

5. Didn't even primer it.

6. Got one started.

7. Did better with this.

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