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Dave Paints: Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa

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So, I've dug out a mini to paint up for the same Hobby Hangout contest that Ub3r is entering. Flying Frog Games' Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa. We all know how bad I suck at keeping up WIPs, but I'll try to post as I go.


This is what it looks like:





I'm kidding. It's the guy on the left, here:





I've just finished cleaning and assembling mine, and as you can see, I had to do some filling on the base...which I tried to cover up with some bits, since I can't sculpt.










It's on a Secret Weapon Trash base, 60mm, beveled. (Bleh for beveled edge bases, but it's all I had that fits the theme I'm going for.) As you can see in the tags, I'm going to be doing some heavy weathering and some OSL in this project. Stay tuned.

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It's actually not huge. I don't have pics, but my 02136 Rafael Maladoni (sorry, no Sir ForScale handy) on his 30mm SW Cobblestone base is almost exactly half the height of this guy on HIS base, and the unbased paint bottles in the photo are almost the same height. So he's probably about 1-2/3 to 1-3/4 ForScales.

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I am interested in the color scheme you are going to pick for this one... gotta make it interesting, as you know the crowd will talk ub3r into modding his into an Ettin Barbarian! 

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Color scheme: Heavy weathering. I like weathering things, and it's surprisingly easy. I'll take pics (if I remember) at each paint stage, so people can see my process. I'll also be doing it all by hand, as I don't have any chipping medium.


Current color scheme: black primer. Rafael Maladoni added for scale. He's on a 30mm SW lipped Cobblestone base, and is nearly half the height of Mr. Guardian.





As the primer needs time to cure, that's it for today.

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Interesting mini.


I am looking for some gears like those, any clue where I could get some?


I'm going to hazard a guess and say in the game that he got. :D  Otherwise you can probably find singles on evilbay.


The Shadows of Brimstone series has some great models.  I'm very slowly painting the Swamps of Death set for a friend and then will eventually paint his City of Ancients as well.  But I'm really looking forward to seeing your model come along ::pulls up a chair and frosty mug of milk::

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I am looking for some gears like those, any clue where I could get some?


The gears I got at Michael's. Hasslefree also sells bags of watch parts, but those are considerably smaller. These are: Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Mini Gears, if you want specifics.

EDIT: The Guardian of Targa, itself, is a single. A not-cheap single, I might add.





So, as promised, pics at each stage of the weathering. (I lied, I'm working on it more tonight.)


Here are the colors we're going to be using:





We'll work our way from right to left (because I'm left-handed, so suck it up, buttercup), in stages.


Stage 1: Basecoat the area to be rusted in Reaper 09109 Ruddy Leather, as shown here. Don't worry if it's not perfect, in the end result, no one will be able to notice. Just try to keep it relatively streak-free...ish.





As you can see, heavy weathering going on here. Some of that will be covered up, but weathering is messy, and we don't want to get it on the non-weathered parts.

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Thanks for the info on the gears.  I am guessing they are in the bead section?  I will have to look the next time I am in there.


Wow, you really are going to go with heavy weathering here.  I like it.  




No worries vegascat, it's all good.

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Thanks for the info on the gears.  I am guessing they are in the bead section?  I will have to look the next time I am in there.


Wow, you really are going to go with heavy weathering here.  I like it.  

Pretty sure that's where they're at.


Some of the weathering will be covered up by "chipped" paint, but I have to lay in the rust first. It's the messiest part.

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Sorry for the crap lighting, but it's dark, and I'm painting something I could do in my sleep.


Stage 2: Take your 11-year old Games Workshop Large Round Drybrush (that you've had to trim), and stipple on your first color. No patterns, just random application of the color in spotty, streaky, not-quite drybrushing movements.


Here, we're using A.V. Air Metallics 71.080 Rust. It's my first time using this color, and I'm not entirely happy with it, so I'll be adding another, red-brown, Reaper sample paint next.





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Last one for the evening.


Stage 3: Using the same crap brush, stipple on a red-brown paint. I used a Reaper sample paint that I've been using for rust since I acquired it. I'll be sad when it's gone.





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      This was originally not one a mini I planned to paint.  However, I got two in an auction lot and the base fits well with one of my few base stamps (in this case, the Happy Seppuku Stone Shore stamp) so... why not?

      (click for larger versions)
      This is the state she is in now.  She's been primed and a thin coat of Brown Liner (1 part Wash Medium, 1 part Brown Liner, 1 part water) has been painted on top to bring out details.  (I found a mold line I missed on the side of her knee and relined her legs with a thicker coat of Brown Liner, because I forgot the original mix.  The thicker mix is not likely to obscure detail when painting but it does make it harder to see in these pictures.  Oops.)
      (Note to self: Get a non-grey background for these pictures in the future.)
      I've decided her doublet, pants, boots, and gloves are leather.  Her doublet and pants are stitched in the front and are worn over more normal clothes.  (Both her doublet and pants have obvious stitching in the front and the alternative is undesirable in a family friendly environment.)  Her shirt includes her loose poofy sleeves.  (Which are probably good for a rogue since they mask the shape of her arms.)  I believe the most interesting detail missing from her store page is her knife holster on her left leg.
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      The current colors are: (all paints are Reaper MSP or Bones)
      Skin: Youthful Flesh Hair: Blond Hair Doublet, boots, and knife handles: Ruddy Leather Pants and gloves: Nut Brown Belt, stitches, and other leather accents: Leather Brown Shirt and sleeves: Dark Elf Skin Blades: This is one of the colors from the Blade Steel swatch Floor: Dungeon Grey  
      The focuses for this mini are her face, her hair, textures (leather and wood), and NMM for the metal bits.  Let's see how this goes.
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      Been working pretty steadly though bad about keeping up pics!

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      Started working on this guy today for one of my player.
      Since I'm a "newbie" and have no experience in working with skin, I was wondering if Reaper's Flesh Wash would look ok with the Elf Flesh base-coat for the skin.
      For the hair, the player want him to be carrot-top with a touch of grey. The could prove to be interesting. 
      I'm also looking for suggestions for his clothing. almost anything is fair game, all though the campaign setting is in a desert/desolation area.

    • By TripleH
      Some may be aware (or not) but Reaper's Queen of Paint, Anne Foerster, has a Patreon going under the name of Painting Big. I am currently backing her at a level that give me an hour a month in a private video session. We decided to paint the same mini, Frost Giant Queen# 77592. The current focus of the lessons are concentrating on Layering then moving on to Glazing & Blending.
      Today we had our first session via skype and here are pics of what was accomplished on my end. We did have some technical difficulties (mainly on my end) as she couldn't hear me and could barely see what I was doing so I could only communicate via chat.
      Base skin color is a mix of Light Blue/Morning After Blues 2:1 ratio and lined with thinned Blue Liner.

      The eyes I started with blocking them out with Blue Liner, then Linen white, Ancient Oak, and Pure white for the highlight.

      This is where she is at the end of the first session.
      Homework: Eyes on the other Giants from the Bones 3 KS, work on lining with thinned paint trying to get crisper lines.
      Next session: Shading & Highlight of the face (and maybe the rest of the skin).
    • By Talae
      I picked up an airbrush kit on sale back in November. It came with two brushes, a compressor, and some other stuff.
      Here is a picture:

      The brush that I have been using mostly so far is the Badger Patriot 105. I say mostly because I have sprayed paint through it more than once, lol. I started with the bottom fed one (the 350) for one sitting of like 30 minutes, then tried another sitting with the 105 for like 30 minutes.
      I have since used the 105 for something like three sittings of 30-60 minutes. My total airbrush experience is something like 2.5 hours plus another 1.5 hours of cleaning and practice assembly.
      I have primarily just tried primers. The latest attempt has been applying Vallejo Surface Primer (black) to some of the graveyard set, namely the crypt and the fencing.
      Here are those results (minus a rogue golem arm that missed being airbrushed until I cleaned up and was later brushed with the same color in order to prevent having to clean the airbrush for one piece):

      I am thinking that I might try and use my Dwarven Forge paints to make this match the Dungeon terrain I have, but am not sure yet...and if I do go that route, would it be better to go with my typical dry rush route or should I be trying to apply colors on top of this with the airbrush? Or is there a different approach that I should be taking?
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