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[Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand

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[Sorry, lost track of this in the holidays]


I will also make my way slowly along the precarious ledge, allowing enough space to not interfere with any nearby companions.  A long pole to hold and brace against the far wall would seem useful, but if there wasn't anything in the torture room I'll have to do without.  d20=10 + DM determined relevant ability.

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I'll go in order of posts:


(Bregan), you note there are slightly handholds in the wall but it would probably be very difficult to climb the wall (over DC20 check). Also I didn't further explain the green sludge, it's not green slime but a it is a acid of some sorts. The stick you used to poke at the sludge, the tip has been fully eaten way but the rest of the stick is still slowly dissolving. You deduce that initial contact with the acid will probably cause some damage & lingering about in will probably as well.


(Mal), you inch your way down the small ledge, ever so slowly. Occasionally swaying back & forth before catching yourself & re-centering. You make your way to the corner. The ledge does continue around the corner but alas the light source (btw who has the light for people without darkvision?) stops around the corner. With your keen eyesight thou, you do see where the ledge disappears into the darkness, it appears to be wet & slimy.


(Tark), you easily navigate the ledge up where Mal is at!


(Auberon), the room was pretty picked clean, especially of long tools or instruments such as a pole. It more then likely became a weapon in the revolt by the prisoners. You start your journey across (it's Acrobatics & your with your roll, you made it. The party is at the corner.


(Col K). He'll wait till the party has made it around the corner before moving on to the ledge. No sense in bunch everyone up on such a slim space. Also I will wait till the 1st of December for Col K to take over his character, if he doesn't come back to the board/adventure I'll just drop him out & replace with a new person. I know he is a busy person in real life so I totally understand if he doesn't.


As noted in Mal's passage, who has a light source for those without darkvision? The passage is pitch black without one.

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(You are definitely in now TripleH5133!! Thanks to Col K for playing as much as he could. I'll save yah a spot in my next game your available).


With the light source now confirmed, I'll update the entire passageway.


Mal, you get to the corner, as you round the corner, with your exceptional eyesight (Perception roll), you note the ledge about 5 feet from the corner is now wet & coated with the green sludge. Traversing this part of the passage will be more difficult. You see a chain near the end of the passageway that comes down from the ceiling & into the ledge.


At the end of the slime trough/passageway it opens up into a 10 x 15 room that extends to the west (out of your vision).


(I will have the updated map up later tonight)


Everyone makes the check to cross the ledge, up to the slimy section. I will need anther Acrobatic check to cross this section.

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That check definitely makes is across that section. Once everyone else goes, you make your way to the end room. It opens up about 10 feet beyond the sludge passage & there is a door along the southern wall.


(I'll have the update map up tomorrow, not tonight)


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