Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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"Aye. The little basstarhds didn't get through."


With that I tap my armor.

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So can we see from here if the gate's been disturbed or not? If so, our job is pretty much done....

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You make your way over to the gate.  It is locked with a big, old, rusty lock.


You were given a key to this lock.


Part of your goal is to see if the area around the exit is clear or if it has been discovered.  This is going to be your main avenue of leaving and entering the Keep.


Anyone who wants to manipulate the lock give me an intelligence check.

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I will let someone more inclined & smarter then the ole dwarf to open the lock, but I will keep my axe & shield at the ready just in case. I'm looking beyond the gate for any signs of trouble


Perception check if necc. 15 +2 = 17 total


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You don't spot anything, because the gate seems shielded by natural features of the landscape: hill and trees/shrubs.

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Looking about, Deckard shrugs and take the key.  He then examines the lock and opens it.


Int: d20+3= 18+3=21

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You examine the lock.  It is rusty and old, and hasn't been opened for some time.


You successfully determine that if you fail to finesse the lock open with the key (easier) or lockpicks (harder), the items could break and ruin the lock!  Then, you would have to smash the lock which would make a lot of noise.


Give me a Dex check for using the key.

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Dex: d20+3= 7 (oops).


"Hey, guys, this lock is busted.  I think someone will need to apply some mechanical agitation to get it open."

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    • By Pineapple
      I've mentioned here and there on here that I take part in an Aztec-themed D&D game.  The DM is an archaeologist who specializes in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, so the campaign has a really fun mixture of Aztec lore and standard D&D fare.
      My character is an Oath of the Ancients paladin, which we've flavored as an Aztec Jaguar Warrior who worships Xochipilli.
      Anyway, long story short, Aztec warriors often used a macuahuitl or maquahuitl in battle - a wooden baton edged with obsidian blades that acted a lot like a long sword.  Some accounts even said they could decapitate a horse.  When I found this cute jaguar hat (OK, OK, leopard, close enough...) on Amazon for a measly $4 shipped, I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a cheap low-key cosplay for laughs.  Below are the work in progress pics of me hacking up and painting a dollar store foam saber with some cheap craft store acrylics to make a macuahuitl to go with my "jaguar pelt".

      Standard issue dollar store toy sword.

      Obsidian blades roughly marked out with a sharpie.

      Spaces between the blades cut away with a box cutter.

      I decided to go over the whole thing with a coat of white glue to fill in some of the pores and smooth some of the particularly rough areas where the foam got chewed up by the box cutter.  In a perfect world I'd have given myself more time to work on this and used a foam cutter, but I didn't have the luxury of the former and I don't own the latter.

      Mostly there on a base coat of light brown with the help of a certain five-year-old daughter.  It would end up taking about 3 coats.

      Obsidian blades done with gloss black. The handle still needs another coat or two, and I planned to wrap it in rough cotton yarn, but I couldn't find it.  It's around here somewhere...
      I should be able to finish it up tomorrow morning before our D&D session.
    • By haldir
      Sunless Citadel (from Tales of the Yawning Portal)
      a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition play by post
      Author: Bruce Cordell

      Kythorn (June) 13th (a week before the Summer Solstice) in the year of 1493 CR
      The town of Oakhurst lies about 3 hexes (whatever the scale is) NW of the ruins of Thundertree. The area surrounding the small town of only 900 people consists of dusty plains & very little vegetation. There are some tiny trees, sapling mainly here & there but nothing noteworthy. There are a range of hills to the north. These eventually turn into mountains & the most noteworthy peak, Mt Hotenow sits in the middle of them. Also near the town is a great forest that extends to the south & the north, the mysterious Neverwinter Wood. The party, begin it's journey is the city of Neverwinter. A small parchment tacked to a bulletin board saying
      "Adventures Wanted! Please inquiry at Ol Boar Inn in Oakhurst"
      You have traveled the New Road to get to the small town. You are at the outskirts of the town, where the road splits into two roads, You have arrived around noon, the heat of late spring season starting to rise. The buildings are in decent shape, most noteworthy is the Mayor's building & the General Store being the best kept of the town. You recognize the Ol Boar Inn, by the large, hanging wooden sign with a stylized boar on it:

      The townsfolk eye you but don't give you any troubles. You see the town consists mostly of humans, with a smattering of the other common races of the Realms. One catches your eye, a female gnome wearing a bright color robe with a pendent around her neck:

      She  is at what appears to be a small temple. She sees you & offers a greeting
      "Welcome to Oakhurst. May Lathander's morning light shine upon you all in the morning." 
    • By James-
      So last week I posted my Warlock and Raven and mentioned they were my seventh mini to paint. So I figured since I have pictures of the first six I'll post those as I have time too :) 
      I picked this guy as my first mini to paint since he was bigger and more simple and seemed like an easy one to start with. I will add though that I'm the type of crazy person that probably watched over 20 hours of YouTube tutorials before I even picked up a brush. Super receptive to any criticism as I would like to know what to improve! 

    • By haldir

      As I wanna get more experience DMing 5e before ReaperCon this year & flipping through Tales of the Yawning Portal, I thought I'd see if there was any interest in running a Sunless Citadel 5e game here. I loved the adventure in 3.5, it was actually one of the last sitdown @ home games I ran before my friends/gamers all scattered across the state/area.
      Let me know here if you are interested.
      Basic 5e rules:  http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules
       Basic/PH 5e rules with the options to play the UA ranger or PH ranger & UA artficer. Races can come from the following: PH, Elemental Evil Player's Guide (minus the aracockra & with this being a dungeon crawl, a goliath might not be the best choice either. Sword Coast & Volo's 5e (thou this one needs DM's approval before proceeding.)
      I will probably set this in the Forgotten Realms as well.
      Other then that standard character generation. Looking for 5 players.
      I'd like to start around May 1st.
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