Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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The party is too noisy, and the patrol sees you and starts walking in your direction.


You see 6 kobolds and two bandits.


They are 80 feet away.


Roll initiative.

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Gripping my axe tighter & readying my shield I prepare for the upcoming battle.


Init: 15 (no mods)

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Rolen initiative 8+ 4 = 12 


Enemies Initiative 10



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Ok well given their distance Daton is going to stow his greatsword and draw his shortbow and at 80 feet away they're just in range. Better to take out a bandit first, so he'll take aim for the nearest one.


12+5=17 to hit

6+3=9 damage if it hits.

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Talbard will switch to his light crossbow and move from the back of the group towards the front.  He will target the other bandit.


20 + 0 = 20 (critical hit)

8 +4 +0 = 12 damage


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Both cultists are hit and slain!

Klaus is up.

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