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Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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Recap:  Both bandits slain, 1 Kobold (A) slain.


Deckard relentlessly taunts kobold (B), visibly wounding his pride.


Kobold B advances 10 feet and shoots his sling at Klaus, disadvantage: 11 or 3+4=7 Miss.


Kobold C advances 10 feet and shoots at Klaus 6+4=10 miss


Kobold D advances 20 feet and shoots at Deckard (range 60 = disadvantage ) 5 or 7 + 4 = 9, miss


Kobolds E and F advance 30 feet to Klaus and try to stab him (the second gets advantage for pack tactics)

E - 3+4=7 miss

F - 12 or 19 + 4 = 23 hit.

       2+2=4 damage


He whoops and hollers something in Draconic (did you guys see that? I'm da bests!  I stabbied that dorfy!) then he hums a little kobold tune to himself as he licks his dagger.


Daton is up

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(apologies, been working everyday since I've gotten back from RCon vacation, last Tuesday. Also note, I'm gonna re-do/re-load my character sheet as somethings aren't coming up on it when I reference it. I'm not sure if it shows that way with everyone else. To be sure I'll just redo the sheet.)


With the wound from the lowly kobold, I will grit my teeth & take a mighty swing at the other one (kE)! 


Battle Axe (d20+5 = 17)

Damage: (d8+3 = 6)


"Pop goes the Kobold!!!"


I will then move up to kD if I can.

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Klaus strikes down Kobold E.  


Rolen is up.

He shoots an arrow.

You can’t tell where he was aiming.  The arrow lands 10 feet from him in the dirt. (Nat 1).


Deckard is up.

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Deckard once again taunts the kobold (B): "Not only can you not sling rocks, you are so ugly, not even arrows want to be near you!"


Vicious Mockery: save (Wis) or take (1d4) 3pts psychic damage and disadvantage on next attack.

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Kobold B shoots his sling at Deckard, trying to redeem his sense of self: Disadvantage

18 or 20 + 4 = 22 hits.

Damage 4+2=6


Kobold C advances to Klaus and attacks with its dagger:

Advantage (Pack tactics)

12 or 12 + 4 = 16 misses


Kobold D attacks Klaus with its dagger:

Advantage (Pack tactics)

3 or 16 + 4 = 20

Damage 1+2=3 if that hits.


Next round.

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Daton makes Kobold D pay with his life.  His arrow sinks into its back and the tip bursts forth from its chest, dragging much of its quivering heart with it.


Talbard is up.

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