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Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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I will bury my axe into that little wretched critter!!


D20: 19+5 24


Damage-D8: 7+3 = 10!




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Klaus finishes off the rest of the patrol.


The party quickly loots and hides the bodies in some overgrowth.


The kobold loot isn’t worth a damn.  


The brigands seemed to have a cohesive “uniform.”  Black cloak and a cloak pin of a lead circle pierced by a sword, enameled black.  Klaus recognizes the pin as a mercenary faction.  He’ll describe it more fully (through me) when you guys get back into the Keep.  The brigands had scimitars, short bows, and arrows you can take with you.  In all, they only had 20 sp between them.


You have now secured the secret tunnel leading out of the Keep.  Go report back to the Mayor.


(anything else you want to do before that, let me know).

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Daton's going to take a scimitar, replenish some spent arrows, and maybe see if the party wants to take some cloaks and pins in case a situation calls for covertness down the line...

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It wouldn't hurt to take those items, never know we might have to infiltrate that company somewhere down the line. I'll snag a pin & cloak.

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Deckard rubs the spot on his chest where the kobold struck him with it's sling stone. 


"I guess he could aim.  That's going to leave a bruise.  Let's take all of these weapons back.  It will at lease deny them to an ememy that come back around, and perhaps they can be used to arm any of the town folk who have taken refuge within the keep."


He also signals approval at the taking of the pins and cloaks.

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Also I'm not sure but can I use the my 2nd wind ability or is that only for use in combat? If not I can always get some healing once we get back into the keep.


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Ready to get this going again.

Sorry for the delay.


Klaus can use Second Wind out of combat.

It heals 1d10+1 damage at first level.


You gather up all the gear and hide the bodies as best you can at the edge of the river, then head back into the tunnel.


You emerge and Klaus gives you the short outline about the mercenary groups before you head back to the mayor. 


1. The Reapers: They are a chaotic and evil band of cut throats.  They wear Grim Reaper cloak pins as their symbol of membership.

Rank is determined by a colored arm band: Black is lowest, then Red are like sergeants, White are lieutenants, and Gold is the leader.  In combat, they are about brute force and chaos, often bullying each other into action.


2. The Dark Swords: Evil aims, but orderly in action.  They are very organized.  Their main symbol is a badge with a circle pierced by a sword, enameled black.  Rank is determined by the metal of the badge: Lead for grunts, Copper for sergeants, Silver for Lieutenants, Gold for captains, and platinum for the leader.  In combat, they are often very organized, especially when officers are present.   Lower ranks salute higher ranks.  Their leader has a military background.


3. The Black Scorpions: They do whatever they can get away with, even framing other mercenary groups.  Their symbol is a pewter scorpion painted black.  Probably too free-spirited for Dark Swords, and not crazy enough for Reapers.


"I hope this information helps, comrades."


You then find the mayor, talking to the guard captain and a tall human lady.


He smiles at your return and the cache of gear you took away from the enemy.

After that brief bit of hope, his face darkens and he beckons a lady forward.


"This is Laryssa Falconmoon, the wife of our local Chauntean priest.  She would like to speak to you."


A milky complexioned red-head approaches.  She wears the simple brown homepsun robes of a lowly priest of Chauntea.

"Brave heroes, please help me.  My husband was at the temple when the town was attacked.  He was trying to help others escape, I'm sure, but he should have been back by now!  Please go to the temple and find my love Eadyn!  Bring him back to me, please!"


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Deckard looks at his companions;  "How can we refuse such a request!  A fair maiden beseeching us for aid to rescue her true love!  If the situation weren't so dire, we could be in a song.  What say you, my brave fellows, dare you refuse the lady's request!"

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OOC: Fair maidens don't have husbands. :lol:


Daton will nod.

"Indeed, our vigilance must not falter... Can we see the temple from the battlements of the keep?"

And from a more general sense, if we can get up high, is it possible to have an idea what the siege is looking like at this time?

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The siege is still chaotic.  Various small fires here and there.  Roaming packs of banditry, along with larger beasts whose forms are obscured by the darkness.


You know what direction the Chauntean Sanctuary is, and the structure doesn’t seem to be on fire.

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Does it look like there's any semblance of counterattack from the locals?
What's the situation around the keep, is it surrounded or do they seem to just be leaving it alone?

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Right, so it's a bit of a standstill at the keep, then.

If Daton checks around the secret door can he see any way to get to the temple without alerting too many raiders?

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      2:1 Coal Black:Highland Moss

      For the base, I wanted simple stone scree like you would find littering the floor of a dwarven mine.
      This is the Stone Grey Triad.

      1:1 Coal Black:Highland Moss

      1:2 Coal Black:Highland Moss
      I ended up going a little higher by adding some Frosty Blue into the mix a few times.
      Then I got to work on the eyes.  I imagined the coal golem should have glowing lumps of fiery coal for eyes...

      Pure White, then some lines of Golden Yellow

      Added lines of Hearth Fire

      Then stippled in some Fire Red.  I like the effect.

      Crude OSL with Golden Yellow mixed with Hearth Fire.  The left eye came out better, in my opinion.
      I hope Reaper will think twice in the future about tossing misshapen, incomplete models our way as "free promos" and labeling us as Naughty.
      I'm sorry for not backing all the Kickstarters, OK!  Are you happy now?
      Well, I'll link to the Showoff Thread Here.

      I hope you liked this idea.
      Let me know what you think!

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      If you ever find yourselves in an abandoned mine shaft in the black hills, be on the lookout for two glowing coal-ember eyes.  It may be your only warning of an impending encounter with a Coal Golem.
      I modified the Naughty Coal Reaper sends out for Christmas.
      I received it last year.
      Here is the finished product in a few different lights.

      I thought Coal Black would be a little green.  It turns out it is a little blue, I think.
      I highlighted up with Highland Moss and a little Frosty Blue.
      I am most happy with the eyes.  The photos really make them look like hot coals.
      Here is the WIP thread. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84433-coal-golem/
      Let me know what you think.
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      I started painting these in 2007!  I had received two sets on clearance from a gaming website.
      I picked them up again briefly in 2011.
      I had just purchased a bunch of Vallejo Game Colors.
      I recently picked them up again to get them off the shelf of shame that they seemed to be permanent fixtures of.
      Sadly, the VGC Paints were not able to salvage.  One of them was more done than the others, so he looks a little different.
      The front right of the first picture.
      I finished them off quickly with Reaper paints.
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      Enjoy.  C&C Welcome, as well as any advice or recipes for TMM would be appreciated.

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