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Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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If I manage to get within melee range of a kobold this turn, I will draw my longsword and strike one of them.


If not, I will draw my handaxe and throw it at the nearest kobold, then use my bonus action to draw my longsword.


Attack: 18+5=23

Longsword damage: 4+3=7

Handaxe damage: 3+3=6

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Daton rushes to put himself between the kobolds and mother, drawing his sword. He makes a vicious hack at a kobold, nearly cutting it in half. It spills its lifeblood onto the dirt road.

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Will rush the nearest one or the closest one to a family member.


Battle axe


D20 15+5=20


Damage 5+5+2(1h) total 12 pts slashing


"RAWR!!!!†I scream at the remaining kobolds as I draw my axe back.

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Without mercy, Klaus rushes the next-closest Kobold to the family, and proceeds to decapitate it with a well-aimed blow to its head.

The resulting arterial jet of blood sprays the faces of several of the other Kobolds.


Talbard's turn

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Talbard moves to close in the defensive line around the family.  He draws his warhammer and is ready to swing at any kobold that approaches too close. 


"Stay behind us and we will keep you safe." 


If a Kolbold is in range, he will take a swing

attack: 18 + 3 = 21

damage: 3 + 3 = 6

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Talbard steps forward to complete a shield wall protecting the family. He attacks a kobold in range, utterly smashing its head into jelly. It's twitching form slumps to the ground awkwardly.

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Four kobolds are dead, one is wounded.


The kobolds seem uncertain what is going on. They glance around almost looking for the punchline of a joke they feel caught up in. (Disadvantage).


Kobold 1 (wounded) says to the group something in draconic. He draws his sling and shoots it at Deckard. Misses.


Kobold 2 steps up to attack Daton with his dagger. (18 and 14) Daton skillfully blocks the attack with his shield! (14+2 would have hit if shieldless).


Kobold 3 moves forward to attack Klaus, but misses badly.


Kobold 4 advances toward Talbard to attack.

His wild stab does not connect.


Deckard is up for the start of round 2.

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"They are working with humanoid allies, keep on your guard! We may want to question one of these lizards if we can" Decard warns.


He then hisses something about the kobold with the sling being too feeble to swallow food.


Vicious Mockery: Wis save DC 16 or take (d4) 1 damage and disadvantage on it's next attack

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Rolen will take a shot at the kobald in deckards face.


5+4=9 +(sneak attack 1) =10


"Hey, kobald, I'm going to make you look like my mum's sewing cushion thingy!"

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Rolen's well placed shot rips through the kobold' chest, passes through the vile humanoid, and lodges into a tree behind it, with a good portion of the kobold' heart attached, quivering. The rest of the kobold falls flat onto its back oozing its last blood onto the ground.


Daton is up

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