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Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

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I will drive my axe into the nearest one.


15 + 5 20


Damage 8 + 5 13 total

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Klaus winds up with a powerful blow. He brings it down at the weak spot where the shoulder meets the neck, straight down into the kobold' heart. The blood seems to explode out of its chest.


Talbard is up.

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Hearing the call to try and keep one alive Talbard will swing with his hammer and try to knock the one that attacked him out. 


Attack: Roll 10+3 = 13

non-lethal damage:  1+3 = 4

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Talbard beats the last standing Kobold over the head.  It is still up.


It retreats, screaming something with Draconic and broken Common about "not getting paid enough for this," and "lost half of my clutch mates in 12 seconds."

It seems to start heading away from Greenest once out of melee with you all.


It drops a half-full sack prior to fleeing.


Do you want to try to finish it off, or let it go?

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If I can I will pull my crossbow out & fire at the fleeing kobold.


12+2 14


If that hits: 3 pts

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Klaus, with a gruff grumble, gets a bead on the fleeing Kobold, taking him down with a bolt to the flank.


Ok. You have a family staring at you in disbelief, and an unconscious kobold at your feet, surrounded by 7 dead kobolds.


What do you do?

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Daton will hand his hempen rope to a nearby companion.


"Could you tie up the kobold? I'm going to go make sure they're okay."


He'll then sheathe his blade, walk over to the family, take off his helm and try his best to comfort them, and check them over for possible injuries.

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Talbard will take the rope and tie up the kobold and then make his way over to the family to assist in any healing that needs to be done.

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Deckard sheathes his rapier and joins the rest of the group.


"This one," he says, pointing at the kobold with the sling, "said that we stupid grunts were attacking the wrong side. We can infer then that they have humanoids working with them in attacking the town. We'll have to be careful. It may be difficult to separate refugee from attacker."


He spares a glance for the family, and seeing that Daton seems to have the matter in hand, he examines the bodies of the kobolds for any signs of their purpose, or identifying marks that can place them in a particular group.

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Daton glances over at Deckard.


"We might need to bind some wounds, and arm them. Can you see what useful weapons and clean bits of cloth you can salvage off the Kobolds?"

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The mother drops her spear, and runs forward to hug Daton.  She gives him a small peck on the cheek, and looks at all of you.

"Thank you for saving us, milords.  You have our gratitude.  I am Linan Swift, and this is my husband Cuth.  He took a dagger to his side in a scrape with some of those beasts.

My children, Nat, Jinny, and Willem."

She gives her kids a look, so they all say "thank you, strangers!"


Her husband limps forward and smile at all of you, and shakes all of your hands.  He then crumples by a tree trunk as Daton puts a Kobold Scrap Bandage around the wound.

"Thank you, kind sir."


Linan addresses you all again.
"Please, can you help us get to the keep? It is likely the only safe place left in town!"


Upon looting the Kobolds, you find two larger sacks full of items looted from the city.  The total amounts to about 50gp of stuff.

There are also various small pouches with knick-knacks, and a total of 5gp in assorted coins.

All 8 have a dagger and sling with 5 sling stones.

They have nothing more of value.

There are no insignia or badges or uniform on these kobolds.


You have sufficiently bound the unconscious kobold.  It will take a long time before he wakes up.

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Can i entertain the children with a couple of magic tricks with copper coins? Disappearing coins, appearing behind ears, coins thrown away and appearing in pockets ect? When I'm done the tricks the children can keep the copper coin.


Performance 13+5 = 18


"Mind if i take a sling and some ammo?"

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