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Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

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This is not fair!


Another thing that suits my Lost World!


Are you guys trying to rob me?

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Pirates, and Jungles, and Snakemen, oh my!



I find the prospect of a set of hard plastic multi-part pirates, or snakemen for that matter, makes me very happy! :   

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I've only played one game myself. This looks interesting as well. Granted the rules are general enough that you could have put the game in a jungle setting just fine with no rule change if I remember correctly.

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is this going to be a kickstarter? or straight to retail???


heck, I haven't finished my warband yet, nevermind played a game......


(Though the statue that I did for a terrain piece will work even better in a jungle setting....)

Most likely will be a Nickstarter. (basically presales that get delivered a week before normal availability.
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These rules will focus more on superhuman "Heritors" rather than wizards it seems.    The author lays out the premise in this article on his blog:

Ghost Archipegelo.


This sounds pretty awesome, thanks for the link. I keep forgetting to drop by his blog to keep up with the Frostgrave news.
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    • By canuckotter
      @malefactus sent me some old Games Workshop plastic night goblins, and instead of putting them together properly I decided to stick the heads on the bodies of some Frostgrave plastic gnolls.

      There's another one but he's badly unbalanced (in more ways than one) and keeps falling over. 
    • By EvilJames
      My wizard Malak and his apprentice Grubb for my Frostgrave team. The wizard is Xi-Han is from GCT's Bushido game and then his apprentice is Lunk.

      This guy came with a bigger mini that is supposed to be a mutated him that I'll need to paint some other time.

      Fairly happy with the hat and mushrooms and frog. should have doen something more for his mustache though. It looks ok in person at least.

      Not super happy with my snow base results this time.

      Grubb here might see action as his alter ego Lunk from time to time so his base is just a stone base.

      Most of their crew is done as well. I'll get a group shot when they are all done. (Including the replacements for my lone casualty in our first real game.)
    • By Brianuk
      Here are some of the finished crew I have been posting in the WIP thread. I also made some islands, just using MDF, pink foam, and gloss mod podge for a basic water effect. 
      The figures are a mix of Bad Squiddo and Wargames Foundry. I have an eye on a few Reaper figures for wardens and Heritors. 
      I am trying to make more of an effort with basing. Have been making a mix of shoreline bases, sand, planks, then jungle/green bases. Will then mix those up on a few models. 

    • By Brianuk
      Managed to do more painting today. The assassin is by North Star. I was aiming for a lighter palette, rather than a ninja. I think I need to go back in and highlight more. 
      The knight is mainly fireforge, templar body, cloak, and scandi infantry head. The arms are from the Oathmark elves set though. 
      They are just based on 25mm washers and will add some texture, foam rocks, and snow effects to both bases once grey base coat has dried. It takes ages to get a consistent coat on the washers  and that and the hole in the middle are the only downsides to using them. 

    • By Kev!
        Mostly Reaper this week, but here is the odd man out...

      P.S. Look! There they are... what did I tell you?
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