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Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

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This is not fair!


Another thing that suits my Lost World!


Are you guys trying to rob me?

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Pirates, and Jungles, and Snakemen, oh my!



I find the prospect of a set of hard plastic multi-part pirates, or snakemen for that matter, makes me very happy! :   

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I've only played one game myself. This looks interesting as well. Granted the rules are general enough that you could have put the game in a jungle setting just fine with no rule change if I remember correctly.

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is this going to be a kickstarter? or straight to retail???


heck, I haven't finished my warband yet, nevermind played a game......


(Though the statue that I did for a terrain piece will work even better in a jungle setting....)

Most likely will be a Nickstarter. (basically presales that get delivered a week before normal availability.
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These rules will focus more on superhuman "Heritors" rather than wizards it seems.    The author lays out the premise in this article on his blog:

Ghost Archipegelo.


This sounds pretty awesome, thanks for the link. I keep forgetting to drop by his blog to keep up with the Frostgrave news.
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    • By buckyball
      Here is a miniature i am working on.

      My plan is to paint it like a queen from a playing card. I am thinking of calling it a queen snake.

    • By VolksFest
      Another batch from the Frostgrave (or Mantic, repacked as Frostgrave) Undead set.
      I needed some ghouls for my D&D game so painted all as ghouls even though some are supposed to be zombies I think.

      Similar to the skeletons. very crisp models and great fun to paint.
      Thanks for looking and C&C is very welcome. 
    • By VolksFest
      So having jumped from Frostgrave to D&D in a rather swift way I decided to "normalize" my Frostgrave minis.. namely "less snow, more greens.."
      So here's the Thief from Frostgrave:

      Thus I am trying to make better bases but I still some way to go it seems.
      Thanks for looking and C&C is very welcome.
    • By Darcstaar
      Here's another recent paint.
      It still goes along with the Reign of Winter AP theme, though I don't know if the Adventure Path has a Polar Bear or not.
      This figure represents an example of "It looked better in my head."
      I tried following some pictures of polar bears on the web: It seems some are very yellowed (not necessarily in the shadows), and some are very white.
      So, I started with a base of 50/50 Golden Blonde/Linen White, and successively lightened it up to white, and left the darker color in the shadows.
      I thought the fur quality on this BONES sculpt is very good, so it lent itself well to a mix of drybrushing and picking out individual strands with the brush.
      I tried something different for the snow on the base, just some puddles of white glue that I then painted with Ghost White and Pure White.
      C&C Welcomed.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Who doesn't love Halflings in Mittens?

      Wait, that's not the name of the set?  Why not?

      Alright, it turns out they're actually "The Winter Adventurers" from a recent Midlam Miniatures Kickstarter.  As always, Midlam delivers nice old-school designs with newer sculpting methods and details.  I think quite highly of the company.

      The Halflings in Mittens:


      Wizards and their apprentices:



      The Dwarfette:

      A human scout.  I tried to go with an Inuit look for her.

      Every party has that guy:

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