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Orc Warband 30mm Miniatures by GT Studio Creations

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GT Studio Creations needs your help to create the most amazing orc fantasy miniatures you have ever seen!!!

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About this project



GT Studio Creations is back!!! We have a new project and we need your support to make it real!!!


After several years working as 3D sculptors for the most importants companies, GT Studio Creations is ready to launch their own projects. We have an amazing collection of  30mm orc miniatures and we want your support to produce them. We have experience and talent and with your help the succes is guaranted!!

The project starts with 4 figures, an Orc Champion, an Orc Female Champion and two Goblins that you can purchase as a set or individually. All of them are 3D sculpted and printed, with superb details and will be casted in high quality resin by GRX Creations. 










These miniatures are perfect for both players and modellers. They will create a stunning orc warband to smash your opponents on the battlefiled or can be the central piece of your collection, with amazing details and textures to paint. You can see an example of the high quality of the casting in this production test of the Orc Champion


Our goal when the campaign is funded is to add more figures to complete an amazing orc warband. Each time we reach one of the goals, more figures will be available to add to your pledge, you just have to increase the ammount of your pledge in the cost of the Sets or individual figures you want to add. As you can see we want to cover all the kind of figures: heroes, foot soldiers, cavalry even big monsters.


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I remember seeing the big orc in a project a few months ago.  Cool to see it return, and I see it brought some friends this time.

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Wow, that orc dude is giant! I like that female Champion. She is pretty cool.

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I love the Orc Female Champion. I just wish the Orc Orc Champion was designed to look like it was the same species.

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$16 for basically a 50mm kick butt female orc. I'm in for one.

Trying to be really picky about hobby spending this year. So far this is the first mini purchase.

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Female orc is nice... But too large to be an orc in my pathfinder game... Maybe an Ogress? I am tempted. I hope some of those stretched unlock. I really cant add another kickstarter though... too many things coming up...

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