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Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures

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Link to the Live Kickstarter:





From DGS Games,


"We will launch the Eclipse Sisterhood kickstarter campaign on the afternoon of February 14th 2017.


This project will produce the six core models of the faction: leader, caster, two heroes and two followers. And as many stretches as our fans help us reach! For the Traazorites, that was four models. Let's show the Empire these fierce women can do even better!"




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I got a few minis from DGS a few days ago. I haven't examined them too closely, but they seem good.

What I didn't like was that the minis were in zip-lock bags in a padded envelope...


So far I've been lucky, and no mini has been damaged by being shipped in a padded envelope, but...

Will need to see what they have to say about shipping before pledging.

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I'll be backing this. Great rules and a great bunch of people working for the company. It also helps that the minis are top notch. I love that they are on the realistic side.

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Just backed, their concept art is usually very close to the minis, so I have no qualms backing without seeing greens. I have been very happy with their previous offerings.

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I was looking at this...very cool. Though they mention a $60 level that includes the 6 initial offerings and all stretch goals in the text, but there doesnt appear to be such a pledge level listed as an offering

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Sanwah, I believe that they mean ANY pledge over $60 automatically includes all stretch goals. So that would be any of the levels at $60, $64, $85, $150, etc. 


I also put money down on this sight unseen, because the previous 3-4 that I backed came out well and delivered quickly. 

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I just jumped in for this. Great company nice minis and the $60 level is a great deal. Two warbands and all the stretch goals. Woot!


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Had no idea this was happening until I got a previous-KS mailing-list email today. Totes should've sent word out earlier.


Their minis have been great on prior purchases, and I love what they're showing here. I'd love to go in for something--I'm just not buying minis right now. Alas.

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