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That and my pcktlnt in the open category.


DKS paid me a supreme complement when he said he could not tell what I had done....

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If you haven't been to an open style competition before, you might not know that you can include some additional information with your entry. You'll be given a card with the entry number on it to display next to the entry. You should definitely write on it that it's a scratch 3D sculpt. You are also welcome to include additional info like a photo of the render, and/or of the print before you paint it, or a copy of a sketch you might have done in the planning stages, a brief description of the creation process, stuff like that.

And make sure that you do this!


Must remember to do this for this year...


Oh wow alright, I'll definitely remember to do this! Thanks everyone!

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I would imagine Knarthex meant his diorama from last year based on the cover from the Waterdeep book in Forgotten Realms.  I believe he forgot to include a copy of the cover so others could see what he was referencing / recreating.  


Okay, I saw that piece it wasn't in my batch to judge.

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I'm reasonably sure I actually gained a point or two because one of the judges didn't read my card closely. I got a 1, 2, 3 spread of points. When I talked to one of the judges, he started talking about how I could improve the kitbash job I'd one on the model. I had to explain that the base was the bit I'd done all the crafty things to, and the model was stock. I'd mentioned that on the card, but he'd managed to miss it. I ended up with 6 points, so depending on how many points he gave for that misconception, there's a good chance Demogorgon should've been certificate of merit.


I'm going to make damned sure I put in something at least bronze level into Open next time I attend, though.

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