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The Iron Crows and other dwarves of Kazhuk Izril 3/20

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About this project



In 1973, a study carried out by researchers from the University of Borghetto San Nicolò elaborated the "Scale of happiness" (or De Carli's Scale, by its creator's name), an order of magnitude which measures the happiness of a person on the basis of certain factors. Without going into details, the various studies correlated the proportion between the income of an individual and the extent of his collection of Dwarfs: in 94% of cases, it has been demonstrated that those who spend at least 42% of their income in Dwarf miniatures are on average happier than others.This discovery shocked the scientific community at that time, generating fierce debates and disputes, but everything was soon hushed up by the lobbies of fashion which saw in Elves a model of beauty more functional to their business. In defiance of the system and the standards imposed from above, we of the Durgin Paint Forge have worked hard for more than two years to realize a collection of Dwarfs that can allow you take a leap forward in your personal De Carli's Scale. This project is an act of love: we know how important it is for you to have awesome miniatures with which to widen your collection of dwarfs, and precisely for this reason we have endeavored to give you only our best. A spontaneous, visceral, loud and often inappropriate love: typically Italian, indeed. You will soon find that only a temporary restraining order may prevent us from loving you. In the meantime, sit down comfortably and enjoy excellence.

Have an awesome Kickstarter!


This project was born to finance the production of a range of élite Dwarfs, in wargame scale (our standard Dwarf is about 25mm tall). All our models are carved digitally, prototyped at a resolution of 15micron and made of high quality resin by Grx Créations. The range includes an initial set of 16 characters and the mascot of the group: a hunting bulldog (well, at least when he doesn't sleep!).



 Resin copies sample by Grx Créations:


 3d Masters (15micron res.):



Behind all our dwarves there is a story, such as behind each hero there is an epic origin. And Dwarves are heroes (at least, female ones, which have to give birth to such big-heady creatures!). This booklet contains everything you need to know about the Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril, a little gem entirely illustrated with a beautiful ink art, and written by one of the most famous adventurers of Inneath: Inigo da Lucci! The first version of this booklet is planned to have approx. 60 pages (A5 format), but if this project goes well, more pages will be added to keep on telling this tale!




There are three ways in which you can recruit our Dwarfs: the bundles, the purchase of individual miniatures of your choice and the mixed salad (bundles + the addition of individual miniatures). To prevent you from any form of stress, incompatible with the objectives of the De Carli's Scale, we forced our gnome slav -er, employees, to create some specific tutorials so you can manage your rewards without problems.
















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Add-ons are a great strategical element, in a Kickstarter campaign.
In few words, Add-ons are products that the creator makes available during the crowdfunding, when reaching determinate funding objectives. 
Despite stretch-goals, that are supposed to be free, a sort of gift by the creator to the mighty backers, add-ons are a sort of "level-up" of the project: "wow guys! your support is so incredible that we are able to do MORE!".
I thought about add-ons deeply in these last weeks, and I really hope to be able to produce them all, but I see them as the "cherry on top of the cake" (even outside Italy do you say so?) , instead of the "filling of the cake": "The Iron Crows" project is planned to be already a stunning range with lot of tasty stuff. But why deprive us of some extra-cuddles?!

At the moment, the Add-ons I have planned are thought to be the more "useful" to the project is possible:
1) the first Add-on will be the 1/24 scale version of our Iron Crow Veteran. Lot of people asks us to make also miniature in bigger scale, and after lot of debate, we decided to give it a try. Why the Veteran? Cause it seems to be the most favorite character, till now, and its sculpt is very adaptable (even by a manufacturer point of view) to the scale-changing. 
2) new characters: it's simple. I think that if we may succeed with this project, it would be all about the dwarves themselves. So we will keep on making new characters, completing as well all this already wide range. I'm thinking about two dwarf adventurers (male and female) and a blacksmith: characters that were originally planned, but that we benched for a simple matter of numbers.
3) democracy's dictatorship: the last add-on will be decided by the community (between a range of our proposals, so I'm sorry for you: there will be no dwarf putin on bear, or stuff like that).



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If only they didn't look like the ugly old football headed Rackham sculpts that Confrontation players loved. You know, the ones without moustaches so they basically looked like Pacman with tiny little arms and legs. Good grief those figures were hideous (so why did I paint so many?).

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I got the elf from the first KS and I like it a lot.. their dragon was oddly posed so I'm sure it's their style thats not what we're used to.. 

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updated with Live tag, link and details

I was in on their last crowdfunding for the Dragon and had a pretty good experience

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I don't know why I'm even posting this. Beagle doesn't even stop by here anymore, but here's a link to another Dwarven Kickstarter:



I only wish that bearded chubby men with large noses were as popular in the real world as they are on Kickstarter.


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