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Foundations 4: Rise of the Mimics

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We unlocked the Cauldron at 10,000 and announced the next one up! the sorcerers hat!






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On 3/17/2017 at 2:52 PM, etherial said:


Also: Wow. I didn't realize these would be so reasonably priced. Backed!

At first I wasn't sure if I'd go for it or not.


But now... That hat, I really, really want that hat!


The all-in package to be delivered in JUNE 2017. Is that right?! Wow, that's fast.

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Only downside for me is the lack of painted stretch goals.

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Hey folks! It sounds like people really want the stretch goal models painted up. We can't paint them for free unfortunately, but would be happy to paint up all stretch goal models for 10$ altogether as an add-on. This has the added benefit of really giving you your money's worth if the Kickstarter goes huge, as we'd stick to the 10$ price no matter how many extra stretch goal models arrive!


Old Rogue Painting



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Add Ons!

For the remainder of the campaign we will be introducing add on models as well as our free stretch goals! These add on's can be requested by simply adjusting your pledge depending on if you have an early bird slot or normal slot in both hand painted and unpainted versions!

First up is the 25MM dungeon floor trap door.


 Painted pictures coming soon!

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Like the trapdoor, but since I went for the all-in pledge don't know if I'll be up to spending any more.


Really glad to see an add-on to get other folks money and drive us toward that next stretch goal, though. :devil:

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