Margara, Dwarf Mage

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Nicely done!


I'd suggest that you try to use a dark to neutral background for final pics, something like a grey or black. I'd also suggest that instead of painting the base a color like gold rim it in black. The reason being that black shows and end to the base for our minds and when you paint it a shiny color it distracts the eye and pulls it from the focus of the miniature itself. 


You're really doing a great job though, some constructive criticism so that you can up your game a bit more next time ::D:

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I'm digging the jewel toned clothes and the red hair. Very charismatic! What's that in her left hand?

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 What's that in her left hand?


It looks like a chisel, though the brass or gold it appears to be made of is a terrible material for such a tool, unless it is of ceremonial or magical nature.

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She is very pretty! I like your color choices. (I also like your nails!)

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She looks great.!


I second Ub3r's advice.

For me I paint the rims either earth or green depending on the terrain the mini is supposed to be on.


A little neutral background will provide better pics.


Keep up the good work and have fun!!!

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In general I agree with Ub3r, but with this mini I think the whole color-scheme fits the golden base really well..

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I second the black base comments, but she looks absolutely fantastic!


Great work on her!

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Normally i would agree with the black base... but here, i REALLY like the golden pedestal - Every sorcerer is a bit of an ego maniac, and this lady is definitely flaunting the bling!


Beautifully painted and very flashy - i love it


i predict you never pick up another characters mini by mistake!

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    • By Glitterwolf
       Since Photbucket got Evil I linked my Putty and Paint Page here:
      This is my first take on a bust. It's from Kabuki 1/6 scale.
      Since she's a Not Red Sonja, I gave her warpaint like Conan has.
      I tried a freehand tattoo, it's supposed to be a stylized Dragon/Snake eating his own tail.
      I had loads of fun painting her.
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      For your consideration: Reaper Bones miniature Female Anti-Paladin.

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    • By Darcstaar

      This is was my entry for the 4th quarterly Reaper Facebook contest.  It was good enough for 3rd place!
      There were so many well painted models, and awesome interpretations.
      As I was planning it, my starting idea was copper nmm.  I didn't want the typical verdigris.  Then I thought a bluish or purple to counter the orange, so that got me thinking Drow with purple glazed into her shadows. 
      Then I took that farther to try to get OSL in her eyes, shield, and base as if she was casting 'protection from good' or something.
      Sadly, the OSL was saved to the end when I ran out of time.  So I tried a bright rim around those areas, then a purple glaze.  It wasn't striking enough for my tastes, but ... deadlines!
      So, I hope you like her.
      Sorry if the photo is blurry, it's a cell phone screen grab.
      C&C welcome.
    • By Pochi
      After painting the dragon for the Paint Your Dragon Contest, I needed a "palette cleanser" before starting on the Jedi children minis for my grandkids' Christmas ornaments. They are even tinier than the dwarf so it was good for me to practice on a little mini again. Her eyes, especially her right one gave me fits. Other than that eye, I am pretty happy with her and she is just for play anyway.
      I tried to really push my highlights on her. I think I am usually too conservative. This time, I may have overdone it but I like her and she was for practice so she'll stay this way most likely. I did a wash on her hair but it really knocked the highlights down so I re=highlighted.
      Also, I realize once I saw the photos, she has a tiny bit of flock stuck to the front of her. I have tweezed that off but did not retake the photos as it didn't make that big of difference.
      Any C&C is appreciated.





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