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...I see a light at the end of the tunnel...it's an oncoming train.

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2 hours ago, malefactus said:

 Here's the Faerie with the Horn:






The 'Flied Hornman of Mordheim' perhaps????


Awesome as usual!


Eagerly awaiting forest frolicking fey folk!

1 hour ago, malefactus said:

...I see a light at the end of the tunnel...it's an oncoming train.

***A Bullet Train maybe?????***

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A Psychotic happy Bunch!


I love the Fae folk you created.

They put the Fear in Fairy!



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    • By malefactus
      The combination of Gnoblar & Night Goblin produces a miniature perfectly suited for the downtrodden life style. I usually give them names like Beastly Burden. In this instance, it was pointed out to me that the Little Sufferer had quit an attitude AND a Big Club to back it up. The theme from The Marat/Sade started playing through my head; ergo, he became Robespierre. 
      To showcase him, he is seen hear on his journey to Heep's Place, renowned for it's mushroom distilled beverage, caverns, & bat poop farm...it's like a pilgrimage to the Jack Daniel's Distillery:

      ...I swear I heard something:

      ...from various angles:



      ...AND wandering off into the sunset:

      For those unfamiliar with it, this is Heep's Mushroom Distillery, Bar & Grill. & Bat Poop Caves:

      ...there you have it...so to speak.
    • By Tricksay
      Here is my entries for the Valentines / Love theme Contest.
      I couldn't think up a nice, sweet entry.....so went with a theme....Playing with Your Heart.
      I was in luck that Fangaud, included in my Secret Sophie gift the Familiar Pack XI. Which had two perfect minis to customize a little for the contest. I love all the Familiar Packs, they have such cute lil figures, with so much detail, in tiny lil packages.
      First One.....Lil Demon, Playing Heart Hopscotch....

      Second One....Cute Demoness, With her Heart Yoyo....the ups and downs of love...

      This lil Lady needed a dress sculpted, as she was a little indecent for the theme.
      Then I green stuff-sculpted the anatomical hearts. Didn't get the yoyo one quite a small as I wanted, but not sure if it would have "read" as a heart if I had done it smaller.
      C&C always appreciated !
    • By Sylverthorne
      Alright. So, I decided I was going to play too. Why not? It's fun, and Mr. Bold is not large. Very relaxing, after Khanjira. >.>
      Anyway. We all know what the original looks like, so... on to the modification!
      My GS-fu is still pretty weak, but I pulled some out and mushed it about and began sculpting a credible pepper over Mr. Bold's sword. Because, really, why cut it off if it provides a functional armature?!

      After some wrapping and squishing and delicate tool use (I suspect one of said tools is visible there in the background), I had the start of a functional sort of pepper. And not even too long. Although I realized that I was going to have to add some more to the base...
      So, I did.

      And then I glued Mr. Bold to a handle (I use soda bottle lids, myself), and tweaked his pepper a little bit. Thickened the end, trimmed some bits off his sword so that it better approximates a stem, that sort of thing. Ready to paint! Just need to get some primer on the green stuff, because I sort of had it in my head that to be properly seasoned, the pepper has to be red. >.>
    • By malefactus
      SO I started on the Village. It's not so much a try at juggling as a break from the Garden tedium...also something to do as washes dry. All that aside, here's the first of the Village Hovel's.
      Scary Mary's very much W.I.P. place:




      ...AND Scary Mary, Herself:


      ...the day is still young; so there may be more...or not; re, I am still old.
    • By malefactus
      SO, now with some of the inhabitants done, the Twisted Tower, & Village calling for some paint, AND a good idea how I want the Garden, it's time to get to it.
      I started the Flowers last night;



      ...thus far today, I've finished the faces. I'll be puttering with the leaves & a couple of other things. Hopefully there will be more photos tonight.
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